Monday, December 7

you get the idea

granted this is from a phone video camera, so obviously the quality isnt top notch, but please tell me this little laugh isnt the cutest thing you have ever heard:

when he does this, we stop everything we are doing and watch him. it is so fun to see what he is checking out and laughing at, or if he is just laughing cause he is bored. (not even possible with parents like us)

And then secondly, just go ahead, fall in love with this smile:

Wednesday, December 2

back to life, back to reality

coming back to work after having such a wonderful time being a stay at home mommy was very difficult and frankly a cruel joke ("here, have a baby, fall in love with him, have a great time, then leave him..."). It is one of those times you remind yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing. Anyway, here is how the first week back has gone:

Monday was like a special outing! I had so much to catch up on (9 weeks worth) that the day flew by. Plus when you are just "makin' memories" pumping on the bathroom floor of your office, that takes away a good 20 minutes a session. It was like I was playing "work" (although who in their right mind would play work?! crazy people...and who pretends to pump at work. dear Lord, i hope no one.)

Tuesday- 8:15 i get to work, 9:00am i get a text from my WONDERFUL HUSBAND who has so graciously dedicated his Tuesdays to working from home to watch our little one. This is what it said:

then i cried more

and i cried some more.

then i finally gathered myself with box of tissues in hand....and then cried some more.

called my mom at lunch and cried some more.

i get a call from my friend Vanessa and then cried some more. Sheesh.

ROOKIE MISTAKE Matt. (but i love you so so so so so so so much...)

Wednesday i only cried once. Thursday got misty eyed but held it together. today i have a sniffly and runny nose little boy so i really wanted to stay there with my little guy, (especially when i layed him back down after feeding him and he sniffled and smiled at me) but no tears as of yet and my work day is almost over.

So overall, i would say it has been a success. (???really? i would say that? Who am i?)

But lets be honest: WHO would want to leave a sweet punkin face like this:

a Marvin Gaye song

What's Going On:
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  • back to life, back to reality
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  • hoping
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  • my MOST FAVORITE punkin
Why is it easier to blog now that i am back to work then when i was on maternity leave?

Thursday, November 12

oh stop it already

You are sooooo sweet.

You have gone from this:

to this in just 2 (too quick) quick months:

stop growing you because that means i have to go back to work...Kidding...Sort of.
Can we cuddle some more?

Monday, November 9

this is truly amazing

I would never want to forget this place:

"for all of your gold teeth needs, come on in to beauty world; where beauty is just a grill away..."
thank you Hometown for this gem...

Wednesday, October 28

10 things i have learned in 5 weeks...

So, I'm new at this. Obviously... Being a Mom is an awesome, crazy, new, difficult journey and worth every second of it. i just love my little guy so much and before they come you have NO IDEA how in love with them you will be. You have a glimpse, a thought, of how much you will love them but it is so different when they are here. You are WILLING to get thrown up on, peed on, pooped on, cried on, loved on, hurting back, migraines, hugged on, sucked on, hurting arms, little sleep, for their well-bring. As a Mom, you would do anything. It is CRAZY. While the last 5 weeks has been a blur at times and gone at lightning speed (slow down! I have to go back to work on November 30!) at others, there are a few things i remember and a few things i have learned in the process...

1. Keep everyone, including your husband, on a schedule. It just helps...and works. But just remember, you have about 2 hours to get things done in between feedings. And it goes FAST...sooooo...

2. Pee-pee tee-pees are not big enough to guard or soak up the amount of pee that comes out of these little ones. Use a wash cloth. And still take cover. (If only i had kept track of how many times in the last 5 weeks Matt and i have been peed on, or the amount of times we have allowed Davis to pee on HIMSELF. All over our hands, his clothes, his face, in his ear, everywhere...OOPS.)

3. It is amazing what a trip to Target will do for a girl...or just ANY trip out of the house

4. I am THAT MOM that takes at least 50 pictures a day (sometimes a 100...) of my sweet little guy and post them all over Facebook and Twitter (and soon to be all over this blog...sorry...) assuming that other people want to gawk at him like i do...

5. Seek the wisdom and help of other Moms. It will help keep you sane & showered.

6. Modesty has left the building...

7. I can actually run on less sleep than previously thought. AND even though i am a hard sleeper, i cannot in fact sleep thru baby cries.

8. Start early. You have no idea how much longer things actually take. (I had to call my pediatricians office the day of the 2 week check up because i was running late. I called AT THE TIME the appointment was to start and i was just getting in the car. This is what i said:
"Yes i am calling to let you know that i am running late for my son's appointment with Dr. Moss, but i am on my way. I should be there in the next 10 minutes."
"What time was your appointment ma'am?"
"Oh it was about 2 minutes ago...I'm new at this...I have no idea how long things take..."
She laughed at me and said it was ok, and that i would figure it out. Thanks. I sure hope so...

9. Infant Gas Drops. Bouncy vibrating chairs. wipe warmers. boppy. built in bra tops. One word sentences.

10. Pray. Pray over your baby. Pray for your baby. Pray for you. Pray for your husband. Pray for feedings and sleeping. Pray strength for your struggles. Pray over your fears. Pray to release your anxiety. Pray scripture. Pray to release any strongholds. Pray for wisdom. Pray for other people. Pray. And know that the list of things you need to pray about being a parent will always continue to grow and you will need the strength that comes from God and God alone.

Wednesday, October 21

so this is how it went (finally finished)

IMG_6602_2, originally uploaded by jenna_cox.

it was 12:45am and i woke up from a good sleep. i decided to go to bed about 10:30 that night and i woke up, of course, having to go to the bathroom. At 39 weeks pregnant, this was nothing new. So like any normal step in the process, I awkwardly rise myself from bed and stand up. As soon as i stand up, it felt like i had peed on myself. Instantly, my hands go between my legs. Had i let myself go in the last week of my pregnancy or had my water broken?

Nervously and quickly i make my way to the bathroom. I sit down and remember the words that my friend Heather has spoken to me just two days prior. "When my water broke" she said, "it wasn't a big gush like people make you believe it would be like. Mine was a steady trickle." I pee, stand up and instantly have to sit back down to pee again. This happens three times when i say, "Matt! Uh, i think my water just broke..."

"No way...Are you sure? How do you know? We are still a week from the due date." he said. Yea, babies have a way of deciding things on their own.

"Well, i have either continually peed on myself or my water broke. It wont stop." I said.

"Call the hospital and see what they say" he says, still somewhat asleep. (How can he sleep thru this?)

"Uh, yea, are you? Good? That's Great... Ummm, i think my water broke, but i don't know. You see, I've never had my water broken before...mainly because this is my first baby but uh, how do i know?...Yes, there is it doesn't smell...yes it wont it isn't pee...Yes it does feel like i have wet myself. OK, thanks. You've been a big help." (?!?!)

The nurse on the phone said if this continues to happen for the next 15-20 minutes, go ahead and come on in. We will deliver within 24 hours...

"Matt, you need to pack a bag"

Remember how he wasn't so much awake before? He jumped out of bed at this moment. "Really? Ohmigosh...What do i pack? Are we going to make it? Do you need anything? Ohmigosh...Really? Are you sure?

Clearly i am not sure. Haven't we been over the fact that i have never had a broken water before? No one listens to me... ;)

So we pack the car, turn around because we forgot our camera (of course we would), get on the road and head to downtown Nashville to Baptist Hospital. The drive there was surprisingly calm.

Once we got to the hospital, we had to check in. (What is the point of pre-registering if it takes an hour to get checked in anyway?!) After that process, they took me to a room to make sure my water did in fact break. I prayed the whole time "PLEASE DON'T be PEE! Don't send me home!!" And YAY! She said the words i had longed to hear: 'You were right! It's time to get that baby out!' Praise the Lord! Do i hear a hallelujah chorus in the background?

So, abbreviated version of the next 12 hours: hooked up to monitors, check me and I'm only at 1cm and fall asleep for 2 hours. wake up, they give me pitocin, crazy intense contractions for 2 hours. Check me again and I'm only at 2cm! EEK! Wait a little longer, get epidural (which was AMAZING by the way and getting it wasn't bad either), hour and a half later, I'm at 5cm, I'm hanging out, texting, emailing, keeping everyone in the know, hour and half later, I'm at 9cm, 30 minutes later, I'm at 10cm. They said "If you feel pressure like you are about to poop, you need to let us know right away. That means he is coming whether your doctor is here or not." Got it. About 10 minutes later, the nurses have me do two practise pushes, i say "So about that pressure you told me to tell you about..." and then they say "I guess we should get your Doctor here! That little guy is just about to crown!" I'm really good at pushing...i guess...Uh, I'm sorry what did you say? Where is my doc? ONE HOUR LATER, my doctor gets there, i do two pushes and out comes baby Davis. Shew...What a day.

Matt's very first words when he saw him was "Check out that wingspan!" How sweet...

He's amazing...truly. Why didn't you mothers tell me it would be this awesome? ;)

Wednesday, October 14

just call me mom

He is here!!!! My sweet baby boy, Davis Cox
He came on September 23rd, arriving at 6 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long. Needless to say, having a new baby has made me somewhat out of pocket but enjoy gawking at my beautiful boy and i promise to update more since i am finally getting adjusted to life as a mommy:

Thursday, September 17

over the last month + some time...

That is right! Baby Davis Ryan Cox is ALMOST here!

Have a cupcake and enjoy with us these last precious moments...

Punkin Head will lay right here.

and enjoy his little room

while i enjoy a pumpkin spice latte. YUUUUMMMM

You ask where i have been? Here. in the doc office. My second home these days!

and HERE is the 38 week belly!!!! Holy House! It's huge. only 2 more weeks till we meet our little guy!

yup...still there...

why can i only think of pumpkin flavored things?

Any way, more to come later. I only had a second with so many pictures to post. MORE LATER!

Tuesday, August 4

good hearty chuckle

I told my friend Megan in an email that Matt and I have a birthing class this weekend and this is the email that i got back:

I'm believing, hoping, and praying that your birthing class teacher will sound just like the lady in "Baby Mama".

Please God, do this I ask. You know I need this.

My mom always tells the story of her first birthing class when the gal [that was teaching it] was trying to teach them how to push. She laid on the ground, pulled her legs back and pushed...
what she did not know was that the biggest fart of her life would follow that push.
She goes, "Oh, I guess I pushed a bit harder than I should have".

Love that story.

Tuesday, July 28

Holy Schnikes!

Why helloooo there new friend.
{sorry. i havent had my coffee yet}
Welcome to the Quirkie Bird. I think we should be friends but there are a few things you should know about me first before you decide to take the plunge:

1) i am almost 8 pregnant and sassy (but that is without a baby in my belly). don't mess. or do. but at your own risk.

B) i looooove a crisp Dr. Pepper. throw a little fresh lemon in there and we are best friends.

III) i raise money, educate people about the needs in my local community and talk for a living. All of that to say, i can ramble. deal.
QUATRO) I want to be too artsy for my own good. but i am not sure i am.

5) i like reality television. and Friends.

F) i wish i had other cool things to tell you about myself so you could decide if we can be friends.

Last) i am ecstatic you are here.

To my other birdies who come to see me:
dont get crazy outta control and nervous at all that is happening. it's ok. i am being featured today on a site called The Sits Girls. Littlebita Blog/Comment love going on.
Other things to look at today while you are here:

i LOVE photography, but that doesn't mean i am any good at it.

I have crazy cool artistic friends: Joy Deeann, Tallyana, Hannah Elaine, Newberry. go see them!
My hubby is amazing and amazingly cute and he did this to me.

shew. that is a lot to learn about me. let me know how much you like me after learning more.
In other news: have a great day! Blessings to you.

Monday, July 27


DID YOU KNOW: There's a new easy way to raise money for your favorite cause or charity. Just start using Yahoo! powered as your search engine and they'll donate a penny to your favorite cause every time you do a search!
In addition, do all of your shopping through their online shopping mall,, where you can shop at more than 900 top online retailers and a percentage of your purchases will go to the charity or school of your choice. You pay the same price as you normally would, but a donation goes to your cause!
Here's the web site — You can also read about GoodSearch in the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, CNN, ABC News and the Wall Street Journal.

Thursday, July 9


kandk1 12 @ Yahoo! Video

I try not to post videos very much (unless they are amazing) mainly because they don't normally get much response. BUT, there is so much truth in this video/dance from So You Think You Can Dance last night that it is eerie. We become so addicted to something that it enraptures us and won't let us go. can you relate? Is there something in your life that you feel like has a hold on you?

Watch this video. Release the hold that sin has in your life. Then, and only then, can you walk in true freedom. And true freedom ONLY comes from the Source of Life: Jesus.

leave your thoughts and comments below.

Wednesday, July 8

Boy Inside

28 weeks pregnant 028, originally uploaded by jenna_cox.

I promised myself that i wouldn't have all of my posts be about pregnancy and baby and all, but honestly, i have nothing else going on in my life right now. Boring, aren't I? As soon as i do, i promise you will know.

Wednesday, June 24

go see my photos!

i did a photoshoot in Downtown Franklin recently for a dear friend of mine and I posted just a few of them over at Quirkie Bird Photography. Click the link (just scroll over Quirkie Bird Photography above), take a visit, give 'em a gander, leave a comment, become a follower!
And THEN (the fun has just begun!) stay tuned b/c more of these great shots of this great lady will be up soon!

Monday, June 22

sweet sweet anniversary

i adore my sweet punkin Matt and we had the BEST anniversary! Truly, every year with him gets better and better. You have no idea when you get married how it is possible to love your mate more than you do at that very moment. But it is true. The more time i spend with him, the more i get to know him and live life with him and love on him, the more i love him. He is awesome. so awesome.
Here are a few highlights from our special anniversary day:
I must say that first we woke up early to play golf (like 7:00am!), ate breakfast and then with intentions of getting dressed, we went back to sleep. Perfect morning. No work, just sleeping in, breakfast and more sleep. ahhhh, the good life.
ANNIVERSARY GOLF (i think i won and MAN it was FRIGGIN hot)

registering for BABY things and getting this special privilege:

getting Matt excited about being a daddy!

SCOOTER riding. (I love it! I want one! I NEED one!!!!)

CHEESECAKE factory and finding out that "It's a BOOOOOOY!"

ate some yummy to my tummy cheesecake.

oh...and our traditional ice cream cake...don't judge on the two desserts...

truly, it was a fantastic day and i am so blessed that i get to spend the rest of my life with THE most wonderful, awesome, sweet, loving & amazing man! I love him!!!