Tuesday, May 31

kids are silly

new fascination:

eating things off the table or off the ground directly.

will he take what you are giving him in his hand?


But 'PLEASE MOM', (he speaks so clear for a 20 month old!) 'let me just do my thang...'

No hands.

No fork.


just a new little nuance he is in love with.

Goldfish? he'd rather put the mouth the ground.

chicken? PU-LEASE! So much better off the table directly.

less work?

maybe... YOU be the judge.

kids *are* silly...

Monday, May 23


Even at a young age, i am grateful for good buddies for my little man. These two are so goofy together and intentionally try to make each other laugh. She calls him "Davy" and he calls her "Ick" for Mik... They chase each other, shake their heads at each other, constantly say "No" and cant get enough hugs & kisses from each other. Literally, she pins him in the corner to kiss him...he IS cute, but come on! ;) kidding...

They take toys from each other, bonk heads, and just laugh all the time.

I pray these two stay close forever and always enjoy each others ' company, like we do with her parents. They TRULY are the best friends anyone could ask for.

Darlin' little punkin pies... (there is my southern coming out)

new sports

my kiddo is so smart, he is coming up with new sports. i present to you:

water golf...

Happy summer!

Thursday, May 19

Separation Anxiety

...it the new black. (is it? false...)

What is with that? i thought just babies got this but i have had a *serious* case of separation anxiety from my little one lately. This full time working mom thing is hard. You feel *guilty* for working, *guilty* for not doing enough, *guilty* for leaving, *guilty* for having others watch him. You just feel like poop of a mom. though in reality, you aren't. (remind yourself that when you feel like you are losing your nerve...)When you aren't with them, you wish you were and you wonder what you are missing or what other people are teaching them or what THEY get to see and play and experience with them. OH THE TWISTED WEB WE WEAVE...


I keep telling myself that this WILL get easier one day. I love my job. I love what i do. i love the people that i work with, but i feel like even on my kid's worst day, i want to be the one to take care of him. Not someone else. And i don't want to have to take PTO to do it. TRUST me. when you have a sick kid, that is NO PTO day...

This little dude is a treasure. I love every minute with him. I've just been feeling the pinch and pull lately.

my little hambone...

Sunday, May 1

these are a few of my favorite things...

somebody cue Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp family.

I just realized that i have lived at my new hizzle for rizzle for 6 months and have posted hardly anything about it. So here are a few of the things i am starting to do to make it my own.

Cue the turquoise room with the crazy glass table and centerpiece.

What is that holding the centerpiece of flowers together you ask? bird seed.

l-o-v-e it.

Another fav? yard word with these two:

such a good helper.

favorite place to sit is the garden. It is peaceful huh?

i am diggin my garden:

wall of crosses: typical? Maybe. But i like mine...

i like my mantel, although i think it still needs something:

i like this part of my kitchen:

this picture is also in my kitchen.

old bench in my breakfast room. This might be my favorite room in the whole house:

and the view from said bench:

some of my favorite pictures:

and what current house is complete with out a windowless window on the wall?

antique find:

I am really wanting to do a chalkboard wall, but not sure where yet. And if i get really antsy for a project, i might pull my sewing machine back out and try to make something. That would mean i would have to remember how to sew, but you never know. it could happen.