Friday, April 30

we are buying grown up things

we bought a new couch on Thursday night and it was delivered on Saturday. YAY! We sold ours and bought one from American Signature Furniture that we have had our eyes on for 6 months. We had a GREAT couch that i swore we would never get rid of even when we got a bigger place, but alas, one cant have everything right? The couch beckoned us. Here the story: Price went down, it was the last one, floor model, old one was put on Craigslist, had a buyer, yada yada, WALLAH! New couch for the Cox’s.
Keep in mind that we are not the "animal print" kind of family, but that's just the price you pay for comfort and sometimes that price leads to recovering...(P.S. don't judge my messy coffee table. we had just finished rearranging...)
We are growing up… **tear**
Despite all the rain and flooding this weekend in Nashville, it made for a fun weekend of rearranging and testing out the new couch to see how nap worthy it was. Happy to report that it was a VEEEEERY good buy. That is the most important part in a new couch and top of our priority list:
  1. Nap worthy
  2. Comfort
  3. Just how deep is this couch
  4. Sleep worthy
  5. Snuggability
  6. How many people can fit on this thing at one time
  7. Cost

See, lots of important things to consider...It meets all necessary criteria.

Other than our massive TV that we bought 3 years ago, this is probably our biggest purchase to-date as a married couple. We both lived alone as adults before meeting and had everything we needed to merge our life. While we have bought a bed, the cost doesn't compare. While we got brand spankin' new baby furniture, that was a gift...But a couch, ahhh, this was a hefty one. Literally. It was heavy. I know. I had to help move it. :)

Davis loves it too. Just hangin around in his underoos on it...


i need YOU! I need your input and i need your stories. on...

I have a big project i am working on and i need your stories of STUPID/terrible/inappropriate/funny/ridiculous things that were said to you (or someone you know) while you were pregnant. Or right after you had a baby. Or while you were TRYING to get pregnant. You get it, sistah.

Leave your story in my comment box or you can email them directly here.
THANK YOU for your help and stay tuned... ;)

P.S. Here is my new blog button that you will be able to click on to submit your story!

Wednesday, April 28

i think it is time...

to remove the wedge... little man!!!!

Hundred Acre Farm

we found the quaintest Bed & Breakfast outside of Augusta when we went to the Master's a few weeks ago. It was the perfect setting for us to leave Davis with Matt's Dad and niece for the day and us to go to Augusta for the tournament. It was a HUGE farm that had tons of things to do and we had a beautiful farm house to our selves.

Cute little Madison, GA.
PS. Cool iPhone picture app: Hipstamatic

Thursday, April 22

Wednesday, April 21

Happiest Baby in America

I am so blessed to have the happiest child in America.

I mean sure, why wouldn't Moms only put up the sweetest, smiliest pictures of their little munchkins, but truly, 90% of the time, this is my child. What an answered prayer!

Now for your viewing pleasure, Older Davis:
This is what time in the work bathroom pumping will create.