Friday, January 11

So, I am if you didnt know.

Go check out my friend Hannah's photography page and look at how famous my hubby and I are:

and while you are at it, go look at how amazing my wedding photographer is and see how cool my beach wedding was:


Thursday, January 3

One Day...

I had a conversation with a friend today about doing things we would love to do. It went something like this:

sunshinesteph25 (11:35:51 AM): when i get married, i would love to be able to just work part time & focus on those thing [that i really want to do].
ME (AOL) (11:36:00 AM): for sure
sunshinesteph25 (11:36:23 AM): will happen!
ME (AOL) (11:39:59 AM): i wish life wasn't about waiting to do the things you really wanted to do
ME (AOL) (11:40:25 AM): if every person really WENT after their dreams, what do you think this world would be like?

It makes me wonder, why do we settle? Why do we just take what we can get when there is more to life? Why do we settle for good, when there is BEST?

It is now 2008 and I am determined this year more than ever to really go for the things I want to do. God has placed in me a passion to move. to go. to see. to do. to love more. love what I DO more. to push myself to the limits. stopping is scary. waiting is...well.. it is waiting...know what i mean? Does that scare you like it does me?

"one day." one day she says.
What if we allow ourselves to never let "one day" happen because it is always in the too distant future? we are waiting for more money. waiting for mr. (or mrs.) right. waiting to be accepted. waiting to be in better shape. waiting to get our life in order. waiting to get that interview for a job we don't really want. waiting waiting waiting...

thing I want to do THIS YEAR:
1. go on a Cruise
2. run a half marathon (I AM IN APRIL!)
3. sell some paintings
4. take some photography and painting classes
5. host a dinner party
6. start a business
7. make new friends
8. finish some of the many books I have started.
9. ride in a hot air balloon.
10. buy land to begin my dream

the list continues. (i will keep updating this list.)
In closing, i want you to read something found from another blog. May it inspire you as it does me. May it CONFIRM in you what it confirmed in me:

Stop doing what everybody else is doing.
Stop doing what you’ve always done.

Most human beings deeply desire to be used by God in unique and extraordinary ways.
Most human beings talk about these desires.
And most make resolutions about how they’ll change their lives in order to see these desires fulfilled.
But few do.

Trust God with a unique and extraordinary faith this year.
Do the things that few do.
12 spies took inventory of the Promised Land.
All of them desired to go in.
Only 2 were willing to fight for it.
Only 2.
See what I’m saying?

Many desire…
Few do.