Sunday, September 28

blogging rut...

what do you write about when you don't know what to write about? Do you put up something pointless, or air out your pointless thoughts? do you force your way thru it so that you can find something meaningful in endless abyss of blah? Do you talk about what you ate for breakfast [and english muffin] but how it didn't fill you up or that you found a new song [Dream Catch Me, by Newton Faulkner]that you really like? Do you talk about the traffic [uuuugh], the weather [it is lovely, thank you], how great your family is [amazing!] or how much you miss you friends [i need a big hug]? Do you talk about the struggles you are dealing with and and how you don't know what the right decision is? Or do you continue to search for the great in the good?
I think about writing something everyday.
Then, as you could guess, i point blank tell myself "that's not good enough. You have to give them [the collective them] something that will bring them back for more. And Jenna, this is not it..." I am a person that is too critical of all creativeness inside of me so therefore, i get caught in the thick of not-doing. Does that make sense? Tell me something...have you ever been out in those same shoes?

I want to create, formulate, innovate, deep think, ponder, shout it out on canvas, paper, my journal, a napkin, or peck it out on my computer.
Are you with me creative friend? Do you too, want to jump out of the sticky muck of blah-land and lazy thinking back into the lime-light of creating and making more with your mind and your hands and heart?

"Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." -Rumi

developing your creative self:

1) art journal and sketchbook [it will strengthen your artistic voice]

II. create a self portrait
**don't be shy!

C) make a creative sanctuary (where are you most comfortable and at ease?)

4) save newspaper articles for interesting words to use

5) take photos of your worn art supplies or creative station to USE in your art.

VI) create an altered book travel album. Pick up ephemera EVERYwhere you go. (i.e. napkins from coffee shops, sugar packets, flyers, postcards, etc. EPHEMERA is a range of collectible items that were originally designed to be short lived.)

SEVEN) buy CHOCOLATE! use the foil...

8)take pictures of your loved ones hands.

niner) go to a hardware store and just SEE what you find.

10)what is your INTERNAL chatter? write it down...

11) have an art party! [have fun!]

Remember: one of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.

So what do you in the times of stagnation? Times of dryness? Lack of imagination is starvation...and i am looking for some good food.

Thursday, September 11

Dear Pumpkin Spice Latte,

How I love thee. Your creamy goodness, awesome richness, amazing pumkiny-ness just fill my heart with joy. I get so sad when you leave me after Christmas and look forward to your arrival every Autumn. I hate that you taste so good with soy milk that thus adds an additional $.40 to my order and I hate that I cannot get enough of you so that I have to spend $5 on you. And with every scream of terror of spending $5 on a drink, there are also angels singing overhead because of how much you rock. Oh how i miss the days of working at the 'Bucks where you were free to me and many times i would add an extra shot of expresso to you which made you even more amazing, but alas, i am still faithful to you. I will continue to buy you for the next 4 months and cry for pumpkin yet again.

For now it will be a Grande Soy No-Whip Pumpkin Spice Latte. I do accept Gift Cards.

Friday, September 5

would we have dated each other?
I wonder if back in the day Matt and I would have ended up together. Here is a look at what we would have looked like (from the years 2000-1950):

and this is what i really looked like in 1993.

Which one is your

Thursday, September 4


We won money. We lost money.
We laughed. We celebrated. We saw the dancing fountains.
Vegas was a great time! Here is a tidbit:
We saw MOST of the awesome sites. Here are a few:
The Bellagio and the dancing fountains!

I got to see my BROTHER!!!! (Jay, looking a little grizzly!)

I tried eggs Benedict and really liked it!

Two of our very closest friends surprised us in Vegas with their ENGAGEMENT! Congrats Jeff and Jenn! We love you!

And i run into one of my oldest and best college friends! This made my trip! Love ya Tiff!

Here we are POST wedding, about to eat some grub. Isnt my hubby cute???

and Nicole and Randy got married! YAY!! What a great weekend! Congrats guys! We love you!