Friday, September 5

would we have dated each other?
I wonder if back in the day Matt and I would have ended up together. Here is a look at what we would have looked like (from the years 2000-1950):

and this is what i really looked like in 1993.

Which one is your


Matt said...

This is way too funny!!! I actually remember having hair like some of these pics. If my brother gets a hold of this he will love it!

ali blagg said...

jenna!!!!!! i remember you at brookhill that year! that just brought back happy feelings!!!

how in the world did you ahve the patience to post all of those yearbook pictures on at a time. was tehre a way to save all of them? or did you do it individually?

Holly said...

Hahahaha! I say, a resounding YES that you guys would have dated each other. You'd have been mutual dorks no matter what era you were in :).

Brittany said...

Where do I begin? I honestly can't just pick one! They are all so breathtaking! Sooooo funny!!!!