Tuesday, February 24

carrying a trunk up this mountain

I am literally hungry all day. I can’t stop I tell you. If I am eating I am happy and if I am not, I am sick. Let me give you a run down of what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast before work: low fat yogurt with strawberries and blueberries and a cup of OJ
Water all morning.
At work mid morning snack: 2 pieces of whole grain toast with apple butter on them
(Maybe a Reese’s peanut butter cup here or there…it was a small one)
Home for lunch: wheat thins and pimento cheese, carrot sticks and broccoli florets, and two (whoops!) corn dogs
(and maybe a 2 Hershey kisses for dessert)
Apple slices for a mid afternoon snack
Fresh strawberries for a pre-work out snack.
More carrots when I got home from working out
A turkey sandwich with cheese and reduced fat wheat thins for dinner, plus those yummy yummy pirouette thingies. (You know they are long, and waffery and have chocolate in the middle and you are suppose to put them with ice cream or coffee or something and they are the width of your pinky but as long as a new pencil. I think I ate about 6 of those. Don’t judge me…i don't normally eat this much. it's all new to me)
OJ before bed and saltines by the bedside.

SHEESH!!!!! This pregnancy stuff is hard! Hopefully it will be better come 2nd trimester.
My girlfriend Katelyn said that the first trimester is similar to climbing a mountain. A mountain with a backpack of snacks I would say which makes it even harder.
It seems like I am carrying a trunk up this mountain!

I summit on March 19th…

I am the little engine that could. Ithinkican, Ithinkican, i thinkican, ithinkican, I KNOW I CAN!
did i mention i am tired?

Friday, February 20

please tell me you have watched Flight of the Concords

this show is so funny. this one was on last night and made me giggle.

i hate laundry

i hate doing laundry. i really really really do. This is the view of my bed on Saturday from all the clean clothes that i had to put up. Happy Valentine's Day to me huh? OHMIGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

i need a laundry-putter-upper.

i would rather scrub a toilet.

Sunday, February 15

ok, seriously, it is time to come clean

so, i have been so busy at work these days that i have had next to ZERO time to talk to you. how i have missed you friend.
How are you?
What is new with you?
what is going on in your life?

Oh! right! By the way, I am PREGO!!! my bad. did i forget to say that?
Our little booger is 8 weeks along and is due to enter the Cox world on October 1!
Yay for babies!
And remember this? Nashville told me something...

Saturday, February 14

i love love

i must admit that i don't care too much about Valentine's Day as far as spending money, dressing up and going out and getting presents go. Although, i ALWAYS love the cheesy valentine cards that you would hand out in grade school....and candy...lots and lots of it.
In my belief, i should get presents at least once a WEEK, so Valentine's day in my opinion is just another ploy to get us to spend money. who is with me on the lots of presents swing?

BUT, i have to say, i have forever the best Valentine. He is great and sweet and wonderful and adorable and loving and caring and awesome and a great cuddle buddy. This is all i want to do today with him:

and this:
and this:

I will never forget one of my college roommates saying "i LOVE love!" the whole thought of being in love and sharing that with another person, and i have to say, today i am filled with love for my love!
So today, I honor him:

And here is my question for you, faithful blog reader:
what are your valentine traditions that i should steal and incorporate?

Wednesday, February 4

sometimes i dont know what to tell you

i am at a loss for words.
i turned 26 on Sunday.
Is this what i have to look forward to?
Forgetting? Can't think of what to say?
I will share with you this:

i hugged Billy Graham. Well, sorta.
Birthday, Superbowl Party and weekend with BFF coming later. stay tuned.