Wednesday, June 24

go see my photos!

i did a photoshoot in Downtown Franklin recently for a dear friend of mine and I posted just a few of them over at Quirkie Bird Photography. Click the link (just scroll over Quirkie Bird Photography above), take a visit, give 'em a gander, leave a comment, become a follower!
And THEN (the fun has just begun!) stay tuned b/c more of these great shots of this great lady will be up soon!

Monday, June 22

sweet sweet anniversary

i adore my sweet punkin Matt and we had the BEST anniversary! Truly, every year with him gets better and better. You have no idea when you get married how it is possible to love your mate more than you do at that very moment. But it is true. The more time i spend with him, the more i get to know him and live life with him and love on him, the more i love him. He is awesome. so awesome.
Here are a few highlights from our special anniversary day:
I must say that first we woke up early to play golf (like 7:00am!), ate breakfast and then with intentions of getting dressed, we went back to sleep. Perfect morning. No work, just sleeping in, breakfast and more sleep. ahhhh, the good life.
ANNIVERSARY GOLF (i think i won and MAN it was FRIGGIN hot)

registering for BABY things and getting this special privilege:

getting Matt excited about being a daddy!

SCOOTER riding. (I love it! I want one! I NEED one!!!!)

CHEESECAKE factory and finding out that "It's a BOOOOOOY!"

ate some yummy to my tummy cheesecake.

oh...and our traditional ice cream cake...don't judge on the two desserts...

truly, it was a fantastic day and i am so blessed that i get to spend the rest of my life with THE most wonderful, awesome, sweet, loving & amazing man! I love him!!!

Wednesday, June 10

Baby Bedding for Davis

SET-ABC-BBF_lg, originally uploaded by jenna_cox.

How cute is this? This is the sweet bedding that little Davis will lay his head on. Dont you love it?

Saturday, June 6

new blog site

Soooooo, i started a new photography blog (b/c i am having a few photos PUBLISHED in a magazine, WHAT WHAT?! ) site that i would LOVE for you to look at, show me some comment love, follow and refer to friends. it is still under construction, so be nice. there is VERY little up at this point, but BE PATIENT, i am getting there.

come visit me:

see you in the dark room!

Tuesday, June 2

we know! we know!

what a sweet anniversary and gift from my hubby. watch and see what we found out: must have quicktime to watch video

wasn't that just the cutest?! i cried a little...

video was done by my sweet friend Amy at let her do YOU a video!!!