Tuesday, April 28

thanks for the award!!

HOW FUN! My first award! Thanks to Jessica at Mommy Needs Coffee for this award she is great! go check her out..And i would like to thank the Academy...you guys are great...really...

Anyway, there are stipulations this award:

"With this award you are to explain why you heart to blog, so here goes":

I started to blog in 2007 for i don't know why. I ran across some friends' blogs and thought it was so cool and artsy and deep of them, AND they updated about their life as newlyweds, etc. So it was my attempt at being a deep thinker.
Then i quickly remembered & realized that i am not so great at deep thinking but i have a really funny life and for some reason people are interested...so thus is how the Quirk began.

I give this award to the following bloggie buddies and you must go check them out!

1. my amazing friend DEEANN who is an incredible artist. (GO BUY HER STUFF!)
2. my sweet friend TALLY who makes awesome custom designed jewelry
3. my "deep thinker" friend SARAH. She does enough for the both of us. You go get it Sal!

I wish i had a giveaway or something. Let me see what i can come up with...suggestions?

Sunday, April 26

My husband feeding the cravings

i have the world's sweetest husband.

not only did he go to the store for me when i was too tired to do anything, but he "fed" the only craving i have had in almost 18 weeks:
yuuuuuuum. i know what is for dinner tonight!!

P.S. 2 other posts this weekend! Scroll down!

Saturday, April 25


these videos are back at week 11 and 14 but still a great sound to hear.

and one more:

such a proud mom. :)

Thursday, April 23


Why, oh why does the weirdness in people come out when you are pregnant? I mean seriously, do people lose all control of their mouth and say the things you would NEVER say to a NON-preggo person? It's like trying to give double fudge brownies to someone on a diet! You just don't do it! R-E-S-P-E-C-T. COME ON PEOPLE!
I submit the answer is a resounding YES.
And I have examples. Keep in mind that I am 17 weeks pregnant right now. Happy as a lark. Barely gained any weight. (4 lbs in 4 months!) Clothes all still fit (for the most part, minus the
busting pants, but that is another blog for another time…) All things going well. Apparently that means people can say things like this:

A few weeks ago, somewhere in between week 13 and 14 of baby growing, I was at church. A lady that I know quite well (and love dearly!) turned around to me. After chit-chatting about the church service, how things are going, work, etc, she says with a circular motion “Your face…It looks fuller…But its OK! You are pregnant!”

Uh, ummm, uhhhhh, ooooookay…Thank you?!?!
Seriously at a loss for words. Still am really

And was the circular motion pointed directly around my face necessary? Ugh.
Does anyone EVER want to hear that their face looks fuller? No.

Should anyone EVER say that to ANYONE regardless of their child growing or lack there of?! Uh, No. Thankyouverymuchkindsir…

Secondly: (oh you thought that was it? No No No. I am not even halfway thru with pregnancy. Many more moments I am sure will arise.)

This past week while leaving church, I see a lady (what is it with the church ladies?!) I have gotten to know a bit over the past few months. Super sweet chick with great kiddos that are way fun to play with. While standing there talking she says “You look like you are carrying like it is a girl.” (circular motion pointed at the belly region...)

My exact words were AM I SHOWING??!! When did that happen?! The baby is like 5 ounces right now. I didn’t think I was 'carrying' anything, really, relatively speaking that is!”

(Oops. Should I have said all of that? WHAT IS WITH THE POINTING AND CIRCLES!?!?)
I am a firm believer that people just want their input on your pregnancy, which i am, for the most part, OK with. If you want to guess it is a girl, say “I THINK YOU ARE HAVING A GIRL!” Sheesh. So funny these folks. (And for the record, what is with the belly touching when there is no belly?!!? you are THAT close to my boobs people...)

It is kinda like telling someone who is 8 months pregnant that they are HUGE. Thank you?!!? That is so SWEET?!?! Oh really?!?! AM I HUGE?! AM I?!?!

Oh the joys.

(and that is my tangent for the day.)

so guesses?! Who thinks it is a boy? Who thinks a girl? Only 3 more weeks till we find out and i love the guessing!
I feel like i have been pregnant for 10 years...

Monday, April 6

rubberbands make my pants fit

sorry in advance about the crotch shot, but i thought you should see how i had to MAKE my pants fit today while at work. (the buttons were CRUSHING my belly!) That is right: rubberbands.
It has begun.

(15 weeks pregnant now. I am feeling more and more pregnanty...)