Tuesday, June 29

for Mama's sake

so in my most recent iphone update, my phone was trying to "restore" and in the process i lost all, say it again, ALL of my pictures of my cute kid and family. (OK CLASS, what did we learn today? Always carry a REAL camera with you at all times...) This is unfortunate for so many reasons, but MOSTLY b/c there were some OH-SO- CUTE Father's Day pictures of Davis crawling to catch golf balls with Matt that had not been backed up yet, and some sweet Anniversary pictures that were GREAT b/c it was one of the few night outs by ourselves that we get. UGH is an understatement.

So what can you expect? Random weird posts about every small thing...I don't want to lose anymore. :( Or forget...

Friday, June 25

an embraced "I am not cool"

I have a pet name problem.
It started out as "Booger" than to "Booger-Schmooger" then to "Schmooger" then some how i ended up at "Doogers." Dont you see the progression?
There is also punkin, punkin pie, punkin pants, punky, bug, Buggy, love bug, and on occasion, Davis. :)
I always made fun of my mom for coming up with weird names for my brother and i, and even more so now with her pet. Oh "if they could see me now." I have entered the point of no return. With calling your child names such as the aforementioned, you have to embrace the fact that "YOU ARE NOT COOL."
Done and done.
I already knew that, but this takes it a step further for me. But i DO NOT care. I call him these names in PUBLIC (poor punkin pants!) and in front of people that i do not know. So, see? Its official. I am not cool, and i am a mom that does not care.
Man that felt good. ;)

Wednesday, June 23

Back to school

OK, i need all of your creative juices for this one. I am in charge of our internal Campaign this year and i need YOUR creativity to help me where mine has stopped. I think i have a FUN FILLED, funny week planned, but i am lacking in some areas. Read what i have going on and let me know if you have any thoughts to add:

2010 United Way Internal Campaign

Monday- Pep Rally (Campaign kick off) 9:00am-9:30am
Office decorated with blue and white streamers, ‘Go Team!’ posters, etc, and breakfast for everyone. Pom poms and shakers given out.
‘Senior Class’ will be recognized and given a sash. (inside joke of all the old fogies here in the office)
The online giving site will be active now.
**Detention Call (can't decide what detention should be?)

Tuesday- Class- POP QUIZ 10:00am-11:00am
‘Are you Smarter than a 5th grader’
Boys and Girls Club attending
**Detention call

Wednesday- Homecoming Parade 3:00pm-4:00pm
Best dressed Contest- come decked out in your school homecoming spirit! Winner awarded
The Queen is crowned (how should this be decided?)
Corsage contest:
10 items you can use:
1. Toilet paper
2. Beans
3. Pasta shells
4. Glitter
5. Glue
6. Cardboard
7. Straws

‘Homecoming Dance’- dance contest
**Detention call

Thursday- Gym Class 3:00pm-4:00pm
We are playing 5 ‘Minute to Win it’ games for gym class
Junk in the Trunk
Chocolate Unicorn
Bobble Head
Elephant March

Detention call

Friday- Field Trip
Lunch hosted at our President's House
Silent auction closes at 11am
Report cards handed out at lunch
Jeans Day

Detention slips: (people can purchase these for someone else. Just haven’t figured out the ‘punishment’. Probably some form of public mockery.

Trinket sales- special event to sell trinkets for the corsage contest

Hall Passes: (not even sure of the purpose of these yet)

Jeans Days: this is an ongoing ‘special event’ that we have. You can pay $5 to wear jeans on Fridays.

School Bake Sale: (We are having an all week silent auction/service auction)

Report cards at the end of the week (of campaign results)

So that is where i am stuck. Send me your ideas! Do you like it?

Thursday, June 17

here we go!

and after all that, there is reason to celebrate:

Davis is so much fun these days! Loving this stage.

Wednesday, June 2

...it is what has brought us together

Three years ago today i woke up on the beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico...

...and married the man of my dreams. So grateful for every day with this great man and all of the wonderful memories that we have made and have yet to make. Here's to 3 times 50 more years!