Wednesday, June 23

Back to school

OK, i need all of your creative juices for this one. I am in charge of our internal Campaign this year and i need YOUR creativity to help me where mine has stopped. I think i have a FUN FILLED, funny week planned, but i am lacking in some areas. Read what i have going on and let me know if you have any thoughts to add:

2010 United Way Internal Campaign

Monday- Pep Rally (Campaign kick off) 9:00am-9:30am
Office decorated with blue and white streamers, ‘Go Team!’ posters, etc, and breakfast for everyone. Pom poms and shakers given out.
‘Senior Class’ will be recognized and given a sash. (inside joke of all the old fogies here in the office)
The online giving site will be active now.
**Detention Call (can't decide what detention should be?)

Tuesday- Class- POP QUIZ 10:00am-11:00am
‘Are you Smarter than a 5th grader’
Boys and Girls Club attending
**Detention call

Wednesday- Homecoming Parade 3:00pm-4:00pm
Best dressed Contest- come decked out in your school homecoming spirit! Winner awarded
The Queen is crowned (how should this be decided?)
Corsage contest:
10 items you can use:
1. Toilet paper
2. Beans
3. Pasta shells
4. Glitter
5. Glue
6. Cardboard
7. Straws

‘Homecoming Dance’- dance contest
**Detention call

Thursday- Gym Class 3:00pm-4:00pm
We are playing 5 ‘Minute to Win it’ games for gym class
Junk in the Trunk
Chocolate Unicorn
Bobble Head
Elephant March

Detention call

Friday- Field Trip
Lunch hosted at our President's House
Silent auction closes at 11am
Report cards handed out at lunch
Jeans Day

Detention slips: (people can purchase these for someone else. Just haven’t figured out the ‘punishment’. Probably some form of public mockery.

Trinket sales- special event to sell trinkets for the corsage contest

Hall Passes: (not even sure of the purpose of these yet)

Jeans Days: this is an ongoing ‘special event’ that we have. You can pay $5 to wear jeans on Fridays.

School Bake Sale: (We are having an all week silent auction/service auction)

Report cards at the end of the week (of campaign results)

So that is where i am stuck. Send me your ideas! Do you like it?

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