Friday, June 25

an embraced "I am not cool"

I have a pet name problem.
It started out as "Booger" than to "Booger-Schmooger" then to "Schmooger" then some how i ended up at "Doogers." Dont you see the progression?
There is also punkin, punkin pie, punkin pants, punky, bug, Buggy, love bug, and on occasion, Davis. :)
I always made fun of my mom for coming up with weird names for my brother and i, and even more so now with her pet. Oh "if they could see me now." I have entered the point of no return. With calling your child names such as the aforementioned, you have to embrace the fact that "YOU ARE NOT COOL."
Done and done.
I already knew that, but this takes it a step further for me. But i DO NOT care. I call him these names in PUBLIC (poor punkin pants!) and in front of people that i do not know. So, see? Its official. I am not cool, and i am a mom that does not care.
Man that felt good. ;)


Sammy said...

aww such sweet pictures! I love his smile and your cute nicknames... :)

noel said...

well you may just have the cutest little punkin' pie in the world, so it's okay to be not cool for him. WOW he is SO cute!!! -noel