Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry Christmas to ALL my blogging friends! May all of your holiday dreams come true, may you experience HIM for the first time or in a fresh way and may you sleep well, dream much, eat heartily and kiss all of your loves.

Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

the last kenny and dolly. i promise.

Tuesday, December 23

I seriously cannot help my love of the Kenny and Dolly Christmas Special

I know, i know. I need HELP, but i LOVE the Kenny and Dolly Christmas Special! It was a CBS special on in the early 80's [december 2, 1984 to be exact...], and i am telling you, you cannot get any better. Last year, i searched on Amazon and found the whole thing on CD which was fantastic. While not a parent yet, I believe in carrying on Christmas traditions and this one is near and dear to my heart. My future children will thank me one day. [Matt thinks i am crazy, so i brought the CD to work instead...Now my office thinks I'm crazy...but i guess that is...normal? I have accepted it. I am ok with it. No worries about me my friend.]

YESTERDAY, i searched Amazon AGAIN to see if by CHANCE i could find it on DVD or something...yea...good thinking. OF COURSE NOT. 1984 TV SPECIAL GENIUS! Who would really hold onto this b/c who really would WANT something of this sort? [Jenna Marie Lewis Cox would]

So i got sad. :(

But then figured i can still enjoy via YOUTUBE. [thank you worldwide youtube fans who love Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS special like i do. you have brought joy to my heart]

Anyhoot, enjoy this 2nd installment of joy to your heart.

Monday, December 22

Holy Monster Butts!

don't ask about the title, but it think it is appropriate considering the temperature this morning in Nashville. Take a look my friend:

Yes, my car said 11 degrees. The news said the wind chill was even colder than that. THIS feels like Christmas. (Although it is supposed to be rainy and 60 on Wednesday, but that is beside the point...)
SO, in honor of this Christmasy wintry loveliness, enjoy this Christmas blast from MY past (TURN THAT VOLUME UP!):

(are those mannequins scary to anyone else? Sheesh...)
Yes this is Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's A Christmas to Remember. I remember dancing around the living room when i was a kid with my brother as we were decorating the tree and singing to these songs and then again on Christmas morning while we were opening presents. Nothing like it. If only i could find this on video to make my kids watch this. That would be a dream past down. ha! (yes i did say "make" them. They don't have a say so in this.)

Saturday, December 20

LBD Christmas Party

Just a few picture recaps that i stole from Steph's Facebook from our (now) Annual LBD Christmas Extravaganza.
For those of you curious what LBD means, it means Like Bad Donkies. Noooooo. Little Biddy Darlings....(i could do this all day...)
Lunch Bunch Dinner. You see, we all worked together for quite some time at this one [undisclosed] location. we would eat lunch together every day and it was glorious.
Well, i changed jobs to where i am now, crazy things happened and another one of us also changed. Well, we didnt want our lunch lovliness to end, so we started our dinner group. WALAAAH. Here are our recaps from our Christmas party:

Secret Santa brought Ansley a label maker, Stephanie the Best of Friends, me a super cool birdie Journal and such, and Katie a book and candle. It was so fun!

What are some of your Christmas party gifts?

Monday, December 15

8 puppies in my house means WHOA

[i hear the backstreet boys in the background singing to me] QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART...with MY heart...I should have known from the start...
you get the point. i love them. all of them. and i want them. every single one of them, especially this cute caramel lab. LOOOOVE her.
Unfortunatly, one pooped on my floor and another almost peed which made Matt put his foot down. Until we are in a house... :(
One day...

First snow of the season!

FIRST SNOW OF THE SEASON!!!! i'm in love...

let it snow let it snow let it snow!!

homemade pizza night

go ahead. be impressed. we made homemade pizza with homemade crust and everything. i have to say, this was a first for me, but my friend Cate sent me her super simple crust recipe. I can't help it. Lately i am obsessed with cooking:

then it was time to chop everything up. I decided to make it cute for my hunny:
collective "awwww"? Anybody?

ok, this stuff was AMAZING. so much flavor!
then we spun:

and spun

and spuuuun

and spun...

shew! that was a lot of spinning. i think that covers my work out for the day.

Pat and form the dough
and add crazy amounts of the awesome pizza sauce

i made a little baby one too...
THEN add as much or as little toppings as you want:

throw that sucker in the oven on 450 for 15 minutes:

and VOILA is an understatement.
This crap is gooooood.

what other toppings do you think would be good?
what good substitutes do you have?
Why am i so obsessed with cooking lately?

need some extra holiday cash?

go check out my hubby's site to get easy holiday money just by reffering!

donka! (and thanks for your help!)

darn, darn, double darn

OK, this time of year I toil over what to get my loved ones. I want that perfect gift. This year, i have NO idea what to get my MOST loved one. Help! So here is my plea to you, my beloved blog reader:

Dear Darling Blogger and Reader,

I need you and you need me. we check up on each other and encourage each other with thoughtful comments. This Christmas you can "encourage" me with one thing: creative present ideas for my hunny.

Come on. I would do the same for you if you were in my predicament! I trust your judgement. Anything goes. There are no bad ideas (well..maybe...)

So please, please, PLEASE, send me your wonderful, creative Christmas present ideas for the most precious darling that you have. For me, his name is Matt...and he still only has one arm.

Much love and peace to you this holiday season. May you be filled with creative ideas to send to me and may you find all the wonderful presents and love that you need this year.

Love and Sincerely,

Jenna Marie Lewis Cox of the Quirkie Bird

Sunday, December 14

please pray for my friend Heidi

My friend Heidi and her family are going thru some difficult times in their family with their newborn baby girl. Please go to her site, read her story about her child and PRAY for them! Pray complete healing for her sweet baby girl.


Tuesday, December 9

drag-along Tuesday and the Christmas crafts

I must say, this is the most drag along day EVER in the history of drag along days. I went to lunch a little after 12 in order to come back and say WHOA it is only 3 1/2 hours till i get to go home! Yea...wouldn't life be so grand...
I looked at the clock at 3...

SHEESH! what is going on here?
I quit. I am throwing in the towel. I'm outta here.

No you say? I have to stay at work in order to keep my work? Ok fine.

Then you need to know that i am being cheesy-Christmas-project-wife-that-has-no-children-but-might-as-well-have-children-because-when-i-do-i-will-make-them-do-random-craft-projects-all-the-time-productive this week. Check out the cute FOAM Christmas tree I made last night while the hubster and I were watching 24 (dare i mention how great of a television series 24 is? While 100% unrealistic and sometimes borderline silly, it is amazingly fantastic and addictive at the same time. Try to explain that one.):

Then check out the attempt to let Mr. 1 Shoulder make Cake Balls Christmas-Festive (Mr 1 Shoulder being my hubby Matt who had shoulder surgery last week):

You can say it. they look like a 3 year did these...unsupervised. Its ok. I know it.

Tonight i think i will do something with this:

But i am not sure yet. Ideas or thought? please comment.

Last thought: Also, can i mention how much i love my friend Deeann? She came over last weekend when i was taking care of Matt and we made pumpkin pie, watched Friends, drank coffee, and caught up. It was lovely. Go check out her blog and website and buy her art. TRULY she is amazing:

yuuuuuuummmmmm. Punkin pie!