Tuesday, December 23

I seriously cannot help my love of the Kenny and Dolly Christmas Special

I know, i know. I need HELP, but i LOVE the Kenny and Dolly Christmas Special! It was a CBS special on in the early 80's [december 2, 1984 to be exact...], and i am telling you, you cannot get any better. Last year, i searched on Amazon and found the whole thing on CD which was fantastic. While not a parent yet, I believe in carrying on Christmas traditions and this one is near and dear to my heart. My future children will thank me one day. [Matt thinks i am crazy, so i brought the CD to work instead...Now my office thinks I'm crazy...but i guess that is...normal? I have accepted it. I am ok with it. No worries about me my friend.]

YESTERDAY, i searched Amazon AGAIN to see if by CHANCE i could find it on DVD or something...yea...good thinking. OF COURSE NOT. 1984 TV SPECIAL GENIUS! Who would really hold onto this b/c who really would WANT something of this sort? [Jenna Marie Lewis Cox would]

So i got sad. :(

But then figured i can still enjoy via YOUTUBE. [thank you worldwide youtube fans who love Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS special like i do. you have brought joy to my heart]

Anyhoot, enjoy this 2nd installment of joy to your heart.


kels said...

hi! I just came across your blog from SITS!
I lived in Nashville for a few months {went to Lipscomb University for a semester} and I fell in love with that city... esp Franklin, where I see you are from!
just thought I'd say hello... and I love your blog! :)

ps- I am also a fan of the Kenny and Dolly Christmas special. :)

AmberP said...

Lol... you crack me up!
Have you warmed up any?!?!
I can't watch the video right now but I will definitely get on that later!

Anita J. said...

You are cracking me up with the Kenny and Dolly thing. I thought they had a serious impact on MY life. Whew! You win! ;)

Merry Christmas, Jenna! You and Matt have a wonderful, blessed holiday.