Monday, December 22

Holy Monster Butts!

don't ask about the title, but it think it is appropriate considering the temperature this morning in Nashville. Take a look my friend:

Yes, my car said 11 degrees. The news said the wind chill was even colder than that. THIS feels like Christmas. (Although it is supposed to be rainy and 60 on Wednesday, but that is beside the point...)
SO, in honor of this Christmasy wintry loveliness, enjoy this Christmas blast from MY past (TURN THAT VOLUME UP!):

(are those mannequins scary to anyone else? Sheesh...)
Yes this is Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's A Christmas to Remember. I remember dancing around the living room when i was a kid with my brother as we were decorating the tree and singing to these songs and then again on Christmas morning while we were opening presents. Nothing like it. If only i could find this on video to make my kids watch this. That would be a dream past down. ha! (yes i did say "make" them. They don't have a say so in this.)


Alexis said...

It sure is cold and feels like Christmas, I would only wish it happened Christmas day instead of before hand.

Love the video, they are my favs!

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

AmberP said...

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooo cold GINA! haha... seriously, I cannot believe that people mix up JENNA with GINA! Out of control I tell ya!! haha... thanks for stopping in on my blog :)

Anita J. said...

I can't believe with all my childhood love for Kenny and Dolly, I never saw this. I looked on eBay for it and saw a Christmas CD by the two of them. Do you have it? I wonder what my kids would think if I made it the mandatory car CD for a while...