Thursday, December 4

and this right here is why i want/need a dog asap!

tell me you dont loooove this little guy and then tell my husband that i need a dog that looks like this:
You can reach him at or by email at or if you message me (and bribe him) then i might give you his phone number.


racheljenae said...

welll... as luck should have it...if you realllllly want a dog just like parents breed golden retrievers. They just had 11 puppies...which are all sold already (will be ready at Christmas), but they're more expensive ones... but we have one puppy that's 3 months old and is the cutest thing. I hate to even say it, but she came down with some kind of virus the week of thanksgiving and is finally getting better... but I know my parents aren't going to ask full price for her and not knowing what she came down with well...they may not charge at all... may not be interested at all... but just the same here's his website if you are interested later.

the male my parents own looks alot like that picture. His name is Striker...he's my favorite :)

Jenna Lewis Cox said...

SHUT YOUR FACE!!!! Oh man oh man oh man! I am SUPER interested and would really love a FREE golden if that is possible, but would be interested to hear if they have a price for her too! (I actually was wanting a girl too!!!!!)

I will send you a facebook message and we can talk more about it. YAY!!