Friday, August 19

We survived!

we survived the first week of preschool. a few tears, a few scratches, a few naps and the first week is over! PTL.

Monday, August 1

im pretending i am still there

We are all longing to go back.

I told Matt when we are SUPER rich that i will take the kids and spend our entire summer at our beach house. Yes, we WILL have one.
Is that too much to ask?
Me thinks not.
My punkin and i RIGHT before nap time- hence the "hold up" look on him. Don't let him fool you, he loved the "osheen" and the gobs of seaweed.
another fav or this little tike?

Building sand animals...
there was S-O M-U-C-H SEAWEED while we were there that we spent MOST of our time in the 12,000 sq ft condo pool and played in the sand when we were at the beach. He didn't eat NEARLY as much sand as last summer.
I'm not sure why his tongue is sticking out here but i L-O-V-E it! SOOO CUTE!!!!!
...and that BELLY! his, not mine... Snack was gooooood.
**please excuse the pink wedgie in this pic and keep your eyes focused on the love that is sand. **

I left my dumb camera at home (who does that?!) so all i had was my iphone and a few that my sister-in-law took but i am glad to have these treasures regardless.

But, ahhhh what a fun week of

sleeping in,



walks on the beach,





more pool

and more swim.

I need more of these.
I love 30-A and Seaside, FL.