Tuesday, July 20

"i own this joint"

funny joke anyone?
"yea, i got this. I can work a crowd...'Last Comic Crawling' anyone?"
Davis' words...
Doesn't he look like he is telling a joke there? He delivers a MAD punchline. ha!
Let me just say that our first vacation in over a year was a MASSIVE success. Vacations must be mandatory for one's sanity.
Davis' favorite thing about the whole week?
Duh. It tastes AWESOME.
P.S. pretty amazing how he fell in love with these sunglasses. i can sense that he felt "COOL."
The sand eating continues. I was pretty sure that once he had one "taste" that he wouldn't do it again, but yet, i could NOT keep his hands out of it. What can i say? Nothing. He likes to eat sand. Up next? Red clay! Yummmmmm...
Serious dude with a 'tude.
(I swore i would never say "tude" and i just failed myself. Next up? "Loose the 'tude' Mister." What is wrong with me?)
Snacks on the beach are awesome...On the menu? Puffs. Goldfish. Fruit. And of course, sand...
That belly is so cute.
One of my favorite memories of the beach with my family when my brother and i were young were chasing the waves and then running away from them when they were coming in. As a parent, i can understand why they would love this: Sun+energy expenditure=Coma Kids.
Let the wave chasing begin.
Amazing vacation.


Sammy said...

These pictures are adorable! Looks like yall had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Great shots - looks like a wonderful time!