Tuesday, July 20

"i own this joint"

funny joke anyone?
"yea, i got this. I can work a crowd...'Last Comic Crawling' anyone?"
Davis' words...
Doesn't he look like he is telling a joke there? He delivers a MAD punchline. ha!
Let me just say that our first vacation in over a year was a MASSIVE success. Vacations must be mandatory for one's sanity.
Davis' favorite thing about the whole week?
Duh. It tastes AWESOME.
P.S. pretty amazing how he fell in love with these sunglasses. i can sense that he felt "COOL."
The sand eating continues. I was pretty sure that once he had one "taste" that he wouldn't do it again, but yet, i could NOT keep his hands out of it. What can i say? Nothing. He likes to eat sand. Up next? Red clay! Yummmmmm...
Serious dude with a 'tude.
(I swore i would never say "tude" and i just failed myself. Next up? "Loose the 'tude' Mister." What is wrong with me?)
Snacks on the beach are awesome...On the menu? Puffs. Goldfish. Fruit. And of course, sand...
That belly is so cute.
One of my favorite memories of the beach with my family when my brother and i were young were chasing the waves and then running away from them when they were coming in. As a parent, i can understand why they would love this: Sun+energy expenditure=Coma Kids.
Let the wave chasing begin.
Amazing vacation.

Monday, July 19

The Domestic Experiment

Being the thrifty, snazzy wife & mother than i am, i decided to do a little project. 2 parts; neither of them complete: I have such a pretty, nice, super comfy/cozy, spacious bed. For the life of myself, i cannot figure out how one person can shuffle the sheets so much when they practically stay in one spot for 8 hours, but alas, my husband is the "messiest" sleeper and i am not even a neat freak! Could be that he sleeps diagonal? (Picture me squished to the edge...)Weird? yes.
So i decided to document this. Matt went out of town for a few days back in April (outdated post? yes.) and i didn't make the bed ONE TIME and you can see what happened to my side of the bed.
Practically nothing...I could EASILY fold my side back over, do a little nip and tuck here and there, throw the pillows back on and we are set. Some of you might say "What is the big freaking deal?"
Nothing. Seriously! Nothing...
There is no deal.
Then Matt came home.
Wha? Uh? Seriously?
The dude is all over the map. This isn't even the worst i've seen!

Laundry is another story:I have never hidden the fact that i don't like putting up laundry. I would even venture to say HATE putting it up. I would rather scrub a toilet.

Quick. Easy. Smells good afterwards.
Done & Done.
Laundry takes FOR.EV.ER. (im SUUUUPER busy...false)

You have to:
sort it. Fold what needs to be folded.
Put in a pile what needs to be hung up.
Get out the hangers.
Get them untangled like 100 times.
Put hangers ON the clothes.
Separate husband's stuff.
Separate towels.
separate baby stuff.
separate my stuff.
Trip over shoes in the closet.
This crap continues...
Etc etc.
Did you cringe and curse just reading that? I did. And i think my blood pressure rose. UGH.

SO i went 3 weeks and JUST washed my clothes and baby's clothes. I kept all of Matt's stuff in the laundry basket. Did he notice? no. Did he have clothes to wear? miraculously, yes.

He did a load of laundry.
HA!! that will teach him.
And what happened?
It sat in a basket for another week:
Then it sat in a chair for another week.
So who learned something here?
Freaking no one.

Tuesday, July 13

Sick & Tan

just call him my little Vicks baby. a cold was bound to happen at some point. I was bound and determined to lock him in his room for the first year of life until he could learn to blow his own nose, but the ONE TIME i let him get out and this is what happens...sheesh. i learned my lesson. "Back in the room kiddo..."

BUT: "Can't no body break-a my style, cant no body hoooooold me down, OH NO! Ive got to keep on moooooovin." tell me you know that song!