Monday, December 7

you get the idea

granted this is from a phone video camera, so obviously the quality isnt top notch, but please tell me this little laugh isnt the cutest thing you have ever heard:

when he does this, we stop everything we are doing and watch him. it is so fun to see what he is checking out and laughing at, or if he is just laughing cause he is bored. (not even possible with parents like us)

And then secondly, just go ahead, fall in love with this smile:

Wednesday, December 2

back to life, back to reality

coming back to work after having such a wonderful time being a stay at home mommy was very difficult and frankly a cruel joke ("here, have a baby, fall in love with him, have a great time, then leave him..."). It is one of those times you remind yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing. Anyway, here is how the first week back has gone:

Monday was like a special outing! I had so much to catch up on (9 weeks worth) that the day flew by. Plus when you are just "makin' memories" pumping on the bathroom floor of your office, that takes away a good 20 minutes a session. It was like I was playing "work" (although who in their right mind would play work?! crazy people...and who pretends to pump at work. dear Lord, i hope no one.)

Tuesday- 8:15 i get to work, 9:00am i get a text from my WONDERFUL HUSBAND who has so graciously dedicated his Tuesdays to working from home to watch our little one. This is what it said:

then i cried more

and i cried some more.

then i finally gathered myself with box of tissues in hand....and then cried some more.

called my mom at lunch and cried some more.

i get a call from my friend Vanessa and then cried some more. Sheesh.

ROOKIE MISTAKE Matt. (but i love you so so so so so so so much...)

Wednesday i only cried once. Thursday got misty eyed but held it together. today i have a sniffly and runny nose little boy so i really wanted to stay there with my little guy, (especially when i layed him back down after feeding him and he sniffled and smiled at me) but no tears as of yet and my work day is almost over.

So overall, i would say it has been a success. (???really? i would say that? Who am i?)

But lets be honest: WHO would want to leave a sweet punkin face like this:

a Marvin Gaye song

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Why is it easier to blog now that i am back to work then when i was on maternity leave?