Friday, September 23

'twas the night before a birthday...

'Twas the night before a birthday and i wish i was asleep
Little Davis wasn't stirring, we didnt hear a peep.
The Veggie Tales were quiet, not singing their song,
Mom and Dad were thankful as it plays all day long;

Davis was nestled all snug in his bed,
With blanket and bear snuggled close to his head;
And me in my tshirt, and Matt in his shorts,
Had shuffled the DVR for a dateline mystery of sorts.

When all of a sudden a thought in my head arose,
I sprung from the couch to see where it goes.
Away to the kitchen I flew like a flash,
Tore open the pantry and made green cupcakes in a dash.

Balloons on the floor would be a great touch
For when he woke up, he'd giggle so much,
He'll want to touch them and throw them and hug them and play,

But too much too do to stay in his room all day.

Strawberries and pancakes with sprinkles galore,
This is a meal he wont throw on the floor.

Then off we go for a fun day at school,
the balloons will have to wait for his afternoon fuel;

"It's Ben! And Gabe! And Sean! and Ms Bell!
And Dia! Ms Heather! and Ashton and Ciel
Playing with toys and my buddies is great!
Birthdays at preschool with cupcakes? Cant wait!"

We painted! We played! We had so much fun!

And scarfed down the cupcakes like life won't go on.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Davis and friends were hungry blood hounds..

Such a full day with fun things galore,

This happy kid is two and and we love him for sure.
But I heard him exclaim, as he ran out of sight,
"Happy Birthday to me, and don't make me go nite-nite!!"

Wednesday, September 21


Never in my life have a heard a child scream NEMO as loud as i did as when we ventured the Tennessee Aquarium a few weeks ago.
Loved seeing him light up when he saw all those crazy 'Nemo' characters.
those mama-jamas were ginormous.

This tot thought it was so cool to look UP and see fish swimming over him.

I'm not sure even that did it justice.

OK, How creepy is this picture? it looks like that shark was eyeing my lil dude
a dreamboat i tell ya.

Tuesday, September 20

it's baaaaaaaack

"OH I, i just diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied in your arms tonight!"
dramatic? yes.
can anyone else hear the theme song now that pumpkin season is back?!?!
First slice of the season.

In other news: we had a chilly day:
It's this chilly out today folks!!
My own lil pumpkin.
It is so cute. I say "Davis, are you a punkin?"
He says: "Oh yea. A pow-kin."

Monday, September 19

school picture day

I can HONESTLY say that i
do not
think there is ANYTHING cuter than this cheesy little face!

This child loves his school and i could not be any happier that this has been a positive experience in the last month. He LOVES his teachers Ms Bell and Ms Heather. He talks
about his best friends at school: Ben, Gabriel, Ciel, Grant, Ashton. 
Among other cuties. 
He loves to slide and play outside, paint and color, and his teachers say that he quite literally lights up when it is music time. This child LOVES
to sing and dance.
**I always knew i was destined to have an entertainer.**

And how amazing that we prayed for a joyful child and those are the reports that i hear about his darling little personality? Thank you Lord!!
Ms Bell always says that when other kids are coming or going, Davis is the first to say hi or bye. He wants to comfort those kiddos that are crying and wants to play and giggle with those that are having fun. Precious.

The first thing Ms Bell said to me today when i picked him up was "So, does Davis like cupcakes?"
ummmmm....what does that mean?
Oh wait. I remember.
I want 10 more just like him!

Friday, September 16

Thursday, September 15

just practice

got to get good cake eating practice in before my little one turns 2

I think he has it down...
and let me TEASE you with a little preview of what kind of party we are having:

More details to come!

Tuesday, September 13

I'm no hooker...

...i just play one on tv...
is it NOT just my luck that i would go to a mystery dinner theater
 and get chosen to play a STRIPPER?!? Granted, i didn't have to DO anything, but out of the group that i go with, and the HUNDREDS of people that were there, I get to play a STRIPPER in the PLAY.
In front of TONS of strangers.
Of course. NATURALLY they would pick me. (WHAAA?) 
Just my luck.
but it was a FUN NIGHT!