Monday, March 29

Lions, Tiger, and Bears

"How boring" used to be my thought process when it came to golf. Never had I played, never had i cared. My mother always said "You will find the best men on the golf course."
She was right. Mostly. (Tiger, keep your growl in the cag...nevermind)
Let me clarify: In MY case she was right.

When Matt and I first started dating, he taught me the ways of golf and from the first time i hit that little round ball, i was hooked. From all of my time spent in high school working at the country club golf shop, i got nothing. I schmoozed with the high rollers and could talk the talk but you wouldn't DARE find me walking the walk. (too hot, too sticky, too quiet, no golf snacks...blah...) So, when i found out my boyfriend was a golfer i thought that it was just a cruel joke. BUT I went to drive the golf cart and spend time with the boy of my life anyway, and what i found was not only bonding time with my hunk, but something i really enjoyed:
I was naming my future dogs Bogie and Birdie (i still don't have those golden retrievers yet either, but their names, just like their purpose, is pre-determined).
I was chucking golf clubs and big pieces of grass because of bad shots.
I was ready to sign up for the next big tourney.
I was swinging like a baseball player but the tomboy in my came out and i just wanted to WHACK things.
I was planning our anniversary every year for the rest of our lives...
i even wanted to WATCH on TV. WHAT?!?!?! what happened to me?
I LOVED it and every time Matt said "Jenna, you really are good and a natural" or "You have a GREAT swing!" it just drove me to be better and keep playing. Don't get me wrong...i am NOT good. But that is a moot point...If i have heard him say it once, i have heard it a 1000 times: (and he tends to repeat himself, sooo...)
"All it takes is ONE GOOD SHOT to keep you coming back."
Well, as frustrated as i get b/c i haven't been asked on the tour (yet), my one PAR 4 or Par 5 a round DOES bring me back. Weird.
Now you understand my excitement for this:

Tuesday, March 23

Hey Baby Wise, where do i go now?

Putting D on a schedule when I went back to work was critical for me and it helped him sleep (and give me peace of mind that i knew what was going on). I read “Baby Wise” which was GREAT but you take some and leave the rest. You can’t live and die by a schedule but it does give them (and you!) a little to “expect” ya know? And for US it has worked WONDERFULLY! Wonderfully until i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!

So it is an hour and a half of awake time and hour and half of sleep time. Mine has been:

6am: Wake D up to feed, back to bed
9am: wake D up, feed, change diaper and awake/play time
10:30: nap time
12pm: wake D up, feed, change diaper and awake/play time
1:30: nap time
3pm: wake D up, feed, change diaper and awake/play time
4:30: nape time
6pm: wake D up, feed, change diaper and awake/play time
9pm: feed, change diaper and down for the night

I stuck to this and once the doc gave me the go ahead at 2 weeks old to drop a late night feeding I went to “on demand” feeding at night. (7 feedings a day) So I put him down at 9 and only if he cried I fed him and put him back down. It taught him to sleep more. Then at 6 weeks, he quite crying in the night to eat, just whimpered a bit b/c he was waking up, so I dropped the night feedings all together and if he cried I would put a paci in his mouth and he would go back to sleep. (6 feedings a day). Now he is on 5 feedings a day and that is about right. 3 “meals” and 2 snacks. or some variation of that.

here is my question: WHAT NOW?!?! Do you have to sacrifice a schedule to let them figure out the nap thing on their own? What is best? I have him on somewhat of a makeshift schedule but i need to know what other moms out there do to have some predictability?! And how do you keep a good "supply" up for those of you who nurse? I know some of this may seem silly but seriously?!

Here is what i am working with:

6am: feed and back to sleep
9am: wake D up, feed (plus solids), change diaper and awake/play time
11:30ish: nap time (2-3 hours, but no more than 3)
1:30 or 2:00 or 2:30: feed, change diaper and awake/play time
3:30 or 4:00 or 4:30: (but not later than 4:30) nap time
5:30 or 6:00 or 6:30: (but no later than 6:30): feed (plus solids), change diaper and awake/play time, KEEP AWAKE THE WHOLE TIME
9:00: feed and bed time

Ready? INPUT! go!

Monday, March 22

my feet are freezing (please come back sun)

...and that is a big bummer after the BEAUTIFUL weekend that we had here in Tennessee. 65-70 Friday and Saturday then rain/snow mix on Sunday night. "Pull the fleece and the sinus medicine back out honey" b/c it is back to the high 60's on Tuesday. KIDDING?!?! But can i mention that i for sure have an outside boy.
I see bugs and sticks-in-pockets in my future:

i love seeing the wheels of curiousity going...
such a big boy. (6 months old! Can you believe he started out as this?)
Oh i just love him so.
I want a whole SLEW of them... ;)

Friday, March 19

the world as i know it is changing

"wait, what is this...what are you doing to me?! Ack. Im scared...

ok, this is weird...and you wont stop flashing that thing in my face...and now you are laughing.
hmm. it's aiight. can i try another bit of that slop?!
OH! So i can put my hands i my mouth WHILE i eat too? i'm all in.
You keep making that silly face at me of course i am going to smile. But this isnt so bad.
Oh! Hi there to you again too. Arent i cute?

Please make this stop...
seriously, i am done."

Wednesday, March 17

raspberries & maybe a lil something sour

we are just experimenting with new sounds & ideas here:

That's his way of saying "Hi. How are you today?"

Such a polite young man. ;)

atta boy. being raised right!

Tuesday, March 16

Calgon- Take me away

I need a vacation in the worst way.
give me the beach.

give me the mountains.

give me the italian countryside.

give me a ticket on the first greyhound outta here.

give me an airplane going ANYWHERE.

i'm not sure i care where i am going.
I just need it.
We didnt get a getaway last year because i had to save every ounce of vacation, sick time, personal time, money, EVERYTHING for maternity leave. Is that a joke? why yes, yes it.
So where do we go? My vote is beach. Hawaii? Yes, please. But Florida will do too...Did i mention i dont care? We've already got a little swimmer on our hands:

Thursday, March 4

cutest baby contest

i have gotten at LEAST 5 "Vote for my baby" cutest baby contest requests in the last month. i agree that your baby is ogga-booga adorable. But just look at this face:

"Pu-pu-pu-leese vote for me!"-Davis
HA! Kidding. No contests here...
But he would win.

Wednesday, March 3

How do I even still have hair?

You spend 9 months racking up the most gorgeous, smooth, full locks of love just to slowly lose it and go bald when your sweet bundle of joy pulls it all out or it falls out on its own. ha! And it seems as though I'm not the only one talking about post partum hair craziness these days.
But lucky for me, i prayed over my hair and now we are seeing what i like to call "new growth."

God is STILL in the business of answer prayers. He is concerned with even the hairiest of matters.

P.S. i thought about taking a picture of a glob of hair from my shower drain, but i decided against it. You can thank me in my comment box. WHY is it that as soon as hair leaves your head, it becomes gross? Oh the oddity.