Tuesday, March 16

Calgon- Take me away

I need a vacation in the worst way.
give me the beach.

give me the mountains.

give me the italian countryside.

give me a ticket on the first greyhound outta here.

give me an airplane going ANYWHERE.

i'm not sure i care where i am going.
I just need it.
We didnt get a getaway last year because i had to save every ounce of vacation, sick time, personal time, money, EVERYTHING for maternity leave. Is that a joke? why yes, yes it.
So where do we go? My vote is beach. Hawaii? Yes, please. But Florida will do too...Did i mention i dont care? We've already got a little swimmer on our hands:


Beth McC. said...

Im with you I need a vacation!!!! Your blog it too cute! Thanks For sharing

Kimmy said...

I hear ya!! I love the beach too! We're actually taking our vacation to Vegas in June. Can't wait....Just me and the hubby! It's an annual thing we do. We take little mini-vacations every month.

Have fun!!

Teddi said...

Every young Mommy needs something/anything to look forward to. I settled for 4 hr. straight with Ray at the movies and an OK restaurant - back in the day. Then we graduated up to overnight, then a whole weekend! ANYTHING to look forward to is what Moms need! Now after 25 years of being a Mom, I think I'm ready for Hawaii with NO KIDS!!

In this wonderful life... said...

he is so cute!!