Monday, March 29

Lions, Tiger, and Bears

"How boring" used to be my thought process when it came to golf. Never had I played, never had i cared. My mother always said "You will find the best men on the golf course."
She was right. Mostly. (Tiger, keep your growl in the cag...nevermind)
Let me clarify: In MY case she was right.

When Matt and I first started dating, he taught me the ways of golf and from the first time i hit that little round ball, i was hooked. From all of my time spent in high school working at the country club golf shop, i got nothing. I schmoozed with the high rollers and could talk the talk but you wouldn't DARE find me walking the walk. (too hot, too sticky, too quiet, no golf snacks...blah...) So, when i found out my boyfriend was a golfer i thought that it was just a cruel joke. BUT I went to drive the golf cart and spend time with the boy of my life anyway, and what i found was not only bonding time with my hunk, but something i really enjoyed:
I was naming my future dogs Bogie and Birdie (i still don't have those golden retrievers yet either, but their names, just like their purpose, is pre-determined).
I was chucking golf clubs and big pieces of grass because of bad shots.
I was ready to sign up for the next big tourney.
I was swinging like a baseball player but the tomboy in my came out and i just wanted to WHACK things.
I was planning our anniversary every year for the rest of our lives...
i even wanted to WATCH on TV. WHAT?!?!?! what happened to me?
I LOVED it and every time Matt said "Jenna, you really are good and a natural" or "You have a GREAT swing!" it just drove me to be better and keep playing. Don't get me wrong...i am NOT good. But that is a moot point...If i have heard him say it once, i have heard it a 1000 times: (and he tends to repeat himself, sooo...)
"All it takes is ONE GOOD SHOT to keep you coming back."
Well, as frustrated as i get b/c i haven't been asked on the tour (yet), my one PAR 4 or Par 5 a round DOES bring me back. Weird.
Now you understand my excitement for this:


Sammy said...

I've been to the Master's, once. My dad goes every year and one year he took the whole family. It was so much fun! I'm kinda jealous that he's only taking my mom this year and I'll be missing their delicious sandwiches and all the famous golfers but I'll settle for a hat or t-shirt as a gift. Glad to find a fellow blogger who likes golf! :)

♥ Katinka said...

Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great day!

Brooke & Freeland said...

ummm sooooo jealous. I cant even tell Freeland - he will be UBER jealous! My dad is going & Freeland is dying! How about this - I will trade you all of our pumpkin spice creamer that is left for the tickets?? I think thats pretty fair! :)

Wait nevermind I guess the whole newborn thing might mess us up. How about next year? ! Ha.

Anonymous said...

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The Ellis Family said...

So, you are coming to my part of town! I cannot believe you will be here and we have technically never met, but yet I could see you. I will be the crazy tired and probably mis-matched Mom riding with the screaming child, completely jealous of those people who get to enjoy the pretty day!

Have fun! See you in April!

Melissa B. said...

Wow...the Masters? I have to say, though, that I've been married to Mr. Fairway for a million years, and I still don't "get" golf. I need a sport that hits back! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

The Wind in the Willows

Stargirl said...

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Erika Wood said...

Really cool!! I also just learned to love golf, and blogging for that matter. Really like your blog!