Monday, June 22

sweet sweet anniversary

i adore my sweet punkin Matt and we had the BEST anniversary! Truly, every year with him gets better and better. You have no idea when you get married how it is possible to love your mate more than you do at that very moment. But it is true. The more time i spend with him, the more i get to know him and live life with him and love on him, the more i love him. He is awesome. so awesome.
Here are a few highlights from our special anniversary day:
I must say that first we woke up early to play golf (like 7:00am!), ate breakfast and then with intentions of getting dressed, we went back to sleep. Perfect morning. No work, just sleeping in, breakfast and more sleep. ahhhh, the good life.
ANNIVERSARY GOLF (i think i won and MAN it was FRIGGIN hot)

registering for BABY things and getting this special privilege:

getting Matt excited about being a daddy!

SCOOTER riding. (I love it! I want one! I NEED one!!!!)

CHEESECAKE factory and finding out that "It's a BOOOOOOY!"

ate some yummy to my tummy cheesecake.

oh...and our traditional ice cream cake...don't judge on the two desserts...

truly, it was a fantastic day and i am so blessed that i get to spend the rest of my life with THE most wonderful, awesome, sweet, loving & amazing man! I love him!!!


Tracy P. said...

You had me at "Cheesecake Factory". Congratulations on waiting for the right guy! Blessings to ALL of you!

Design it Chic said...

Happy Anniversary and congrats on the baby boy!
Stopping here from SITS!
Happy Tuesday!

Cathy said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and finding out you are having a boy! What a special time to find out!

Thanks for stopping by Semi-Happy Homemaker for my special day! Hope you come back again!

Katy Montgomery said...

Hi! Stopping in from SITS! Congrats on the anniversary and the BIG news! Our boy is 10 months. I remember picking out the bedding! So fun!

thatdesigngal said...

Hey there! Stopping by from SITS, throwing you some love. I enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like a wonderful anniversary and a big Congrats on your little boy! Woohoo!


Lins said...

Wow, girl! I was going to be a trend-setter and swing by from SITS to spread some comment love, but it looks like some others have beat me to it! At any rate, congrats on the baby boy, and I would never judge a woman that eats two kinds of dessert at my favorite restaurant EVER!

In fact, I like it so much I'm your newest follower! Love me some Quirk! :)

Mama Nut said...

Well, I don't know... MY hubby is pretty wonderful too... It's one of those perspective things. You are probably glad we don't all think yours is the best LOL.

That cheese cake makes my mouth water!!!

Atlanta said...

Cute post! =) Ya know, every time I drive past the Stork, a.k.a expectant mother parking I think to myself "Damn, if only I were pregnant again"... Not because I want another baby, but so I can eat whatever I want and only feel slightly guilty, and for THE PARKING!!! =)

Farmgirl Paints said...

OH MY! That looked heavenly. Congrats on your boy...very exciting:)

Sadiebug and her Mom said...

Personally, I think EVERY place should have Expectant Mom's parking. It made me feel a little more valued after being treated like crap on my daily commute on the Washington, DC metro. Have a very happy and blissful pregnancy!!!

~Trish~ said...

Awe happy anniversary and for a baby boy :)

Dawn said...

Fabulous... hey when you've had one dessert why not have another!

Be HAPPY with your soul mate FOREVER, I have had 20 years with mine so far xxx