Wednesday, March 3

How do I even still have hair?

You spend 9 months racking up the most gorgeous, smooth, full locks of love just to slowly lose it and go bald when your sweet bundle of joy pulls it all out or it falls out on its own. ha! And it seems as though I'm not the only one talking about post partum hair craziness these days.
But lucky for me, i prayed over my hair and now we are seeing what i like to call "new growth."

God is STILL in the business of answer prayers. He is concerned with even the hairiest of matters.

P.S. i thought about taking a picture of a glob of hair from my shower drain, but i decided against it. You can thank me in my comment box. WHY is it that as soon as hair leaves your head, it becomes gross? Oh the oddity.


Jayne Weber said...

GUUURRRLLLL!!!... I hear ya about the hair loss!! I haven't tried praying over my "less than full" locks, but I surely will now! :)

Fashionista said...

Hey, the good word says that he counts the hairs on our head...just ask Him to put more there to count. Cute post. :)