Wednesday, December 3

It is Christmas time in the Cox House-hold!

So it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the Cox household! On Monday night we went to get our yearly FRESH Christmas tree:

Then we started working hard to get everything up and going in our sweet little home. Well, Matt got it set up:

i think this is where Matt was getting irritated at me b/c i was taking pictures and not helping! HAHA

stockings and table decorations.
and then the "O CHRISTMAS TREE!" Tree 2008:
Isn't that just the prettiest darn Christmas tree?
And here is our homemade wreath:
other household Christmas decorations:
do you see it by the coffee maker? It says "Santa Stop Here." You know, in case he needs some caffeine.
ALL Christmas candles and smells MUST be out. duh!
And lastly, my sweet husband sleeping on our chair and a half. He had shoulder surgery yesterday and is on some pretty powerful KNOCK OUT meds. He is in a lot of pain, but hopefully he will be all better in a few weeks/days/seconds. Say a prayer for him.
P.S. that lucky duck didn't have to do ANY of the decorating. He was passed out.
P.P.S two posts in one day! Don't forget to check out my Thanksgiving recap at
or just scroll down...
Happy decorating!


Anita J. said...

Aww. Good idea showing him putting up your tree before he's all zonked out. Makes us want to pray for him even more. I hope he feels better.

Your house looks so nice; It makes me remember those sweet newlywed days. And wrinkle-less foreheads. Sigh...

I have been so out of the loop for a while. I'll have to come catch up.

Anita J. said...

Reading your blogs, I mean. I am a little tired and I think my brain is going to sleep before I even hit the hay.