Monday, December 15

darn, darn, double darn

OK, this time of year I toil over what to get my loved ones. I want that perfect gift. This year, i have NO idea what to get my MOST loved one. Help! So here is my plea to you, my beloved blog reader:

Dear Darling Blogger and Reader,

I need you and you need me. we check up on each other and encourage each other with thoughtful comments. This Christmas you can "encourage" me with one thing: creative present ideas for my hunny.

Come on. I would do the same for you if you were in my predicament! I trust your judgement. Anything goes. There are no bad ideas (well..maybe...)

So please, please, PLEASE, send me your wonderful, creative Christmas present ideas for the most precious darling that you have. For me, his name is Matt...and he still only has one arm.

Much love and peace to you this holiday season. May you be filled with creative ideas to send to me and may you find all the wonderful presents and love that you need this year.

Love and Sincerely,

Jenna Marie Lewis Cox of the Quirkie Bird

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