Wednesday, December 3

Thanksgiving Recap from Texas

On Thanksgiving Day, my Mom and I went to downtown Texarkana to take some pictures for a project that she is doing. Since she is photographer and is awesome at it, i thought i would take a stab at a few shots as well. Here is what i got for ya:

In other news, in keeping with tradition, i helped my mom put up Christmas decorations. She doesn't do a lot of decorating anymore, and mainly does it b/c she knows i will be mad if she doesn't. My one and only contribution to the decorating at my Mom's house this year was the stockings:

That is right, there are 5 there. One for my Mom, one for my brother Jay, one for me, one for Matt and then one for my Mom's cat. Normal?
Then I made my very first (2) homemade Pumpkin pies. YUUUM! i love it. The recipe was a success and i will tell you that one of the secret ingredients was melted vanilla ice cream. Let me know if you want that recipe. YUUUUUM!
Anyway, it was awesome. the bulk of our week in Texas was hanging out.

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Holly said...

Awe-some pics. And I totally want the recipe for that pie--sounds amazing!