Tuesday, April 28

thanks for the award!!

HOW FUN! My first award! Thanks to Jessica at Mommy Needs Coffee for this award she is great! go check her out..And i would like to thank the Academy...you guys are great...really...

Anyway, there are stipulations this award:

"With this award you are to explain why you heart to blog, so here goes":

I started to blog in 2007 for i don't know why. I ran across some friends' blogs and thought it was so cool and artsy and deep of them, AND they updated about their life as newlyweds, etc. So it was my attempt at being a deep thinker.
Then i quickly remembered & realized that i am not so great at deep thinking but i have a really funny life and for some reason people are interested...so thus is how the Quirk began.

I give this award to the following bloggie buddies and you must go check them out!

1. my amazing friend DEEANN who is an incredible artist. (GO BUY HER STUFF!)
2. my sweet friend TALLY who makes awesome custom designed jewelry
3. my "deep thinker" friend SARAH. She does enough for the both of us. You go get it Sal!

I wish i had a giveaway or something. Let me see what i can come up with...suggestions?


Anonymous said...

thank you friend!!! cant wait to hang out this weekend :)

April said...

Visiting from SITS! Do you know that Franklin, TN is one place I've always wanted to live? Love it there! Isn't that where Tim McGraw lives (wink, wink)?

Angela said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I totally love yours, too! So cute! And congrats on the baby! I remember thinking that it was going to be years before we found out if it was a boy or a girl. Now it seems as if we've known all along and it's really been less than two weeks.

I read several of your other posts below, and I'm totally with you on the whole calling-the-pregnant-woman-huge thing. Where do people get the idea that this is a good idea? Seriously. I hit the stage where the baby supposedly tripled in size a few weeks ago, and all of a sudden people wouldn't stop touching me! And to make it better, people like to point out that they can see my belly button thru my shirt. Yeah, that makes me feel a lot better...that you point out that you can see it. Haha!

Really, though, isn't being pregnant so much fun?!? Even with the sickness and stuff, I totally love it!