Saturday, February 14

i love love

i must admit that i don't care too much about Valentine's Day as far as spending money, dressing up and going out and getting presents go. Although, i ALWAYS love the cheesy valentine cards that you would hand out in grade school....and candy...lots and lots of it.
In my belief, i should get presents at least once a WEEK, so Valentine's day in my opinion is just another ploy to get us to spend money. who is with me on the lots of presents swing?

BUT, i have to say, i have forever the best Valentine. He is great and sweet and wonderful and adorable and loving and caring and awesome and a great cuddle buddy. This is all i want to do today with him:

and this:
and this:

I will never forget one of my college roommates saying "i LOVE love!" the whole thought of being in love and sharing that with another person, and i have to say, today i am filled with love for my love!
So today, I honor him:

And here is my question for you, faithful blog reader:
what are your valentine traditions that i should steal and incorporate?

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