Friday, August 8

what is Nashville trying to tell me?

(First of all, it is two for the price of one day! Check the other blog from Friday below)
What is it with Nashville and everyone being pregnant? I am over it.

Just a tidbit of a conversation i had with one of my best friends, Emily, on the topic:

Emily: Mom just called me and said she was at the emergency room with Aaron. I knew it couldn’t be too severe because she wasn’t crying. Either he has a really bad urinary infection or it’s kidney stones. I feel so sorry for him and my dad because they have had kidney stones a lot and they are so painful.
Me: Eek. I would NEVER want that. I wonder if it is a similar pain to childbirth?
Emily: I don’t think so…Shana described it – it doesn’t come close. I think it’s the closest they come to experiencing the “tearing” pain (when they pass the stones) that we go through with birth.
Me: No lie, when you just said “tearing” my whole body cringed, ached, hurt, and convulsed just a little bit.
Emily: Yeah, probably too graphic of a word. Sorry about that.
Me: Pregnancy is all around me right now. I’m over it. Can we go back to talking about lip gloss again?
Emily: Sure…or how about the fact that I need a mani - pedi real bad. I think when Josh and I are really rich, this will be a twice a week necessity.
Me: Agreed.

Here is the list of my prego friends:
BB and Kristen- due in December
Cody and Tatum- due in December
Laura- due in February
Nick and Katherine- due in March
Mark and Kay- due in March
Max and Paula- due in March
Brooks and Lindsey- due in September
Ryan and Cate- due in February
Cousin Courtney- due in March

I know there are more...

Other people I know prego:
Heidi, Meredith, Alli, Alicia
People I know who just had a baby:
Mev, Whitney, Shana, Lindsey, Holly's sister

Anyway, to all of you baby makin' fools,


Holly said...

Awww, thanks for including my sis :). Of course, it would have been absurd not to, considering she gave birth to the PERFECT baby.

And thanks for all your birthday comments. And your neediness, even though you're totally on my blogroll. It wouldn't be a Jenna comment without some snark.

the deKorne family said...

Join the club! It's so fun over here!