Wednesday, August 20

My Husband and his first Pedicure

Since we are leaving tomorrow morning to go to VEGAS for an awesome wedding (see new post below), I really wanted a pedicure.

To make my day even better, Matt decided he wanted to try one too. I couldnt miss this opportunity to document (it was so cute. He kept getting so tickeled and laughing and asking the lady if his feet were some of the grossest she's seen and such. I love him so.):


Brittany said...

In that second picture, Matt looks fascinated by the whole thing! HA! I love it! Now if we can get John to go then we can have pedicure parties! How fun would that be!?

ali blagg said...

jenna!!!! i miss you!!! i wish we lived closer!

you were always so fun to spend the night with growing up!!!! i always loved your house.

haha. hope everything is great. how is marriage?

Matt said...

I cannot believe you put this up for people to see!