Monday, January 5

my favorite subject

he is my favorite subject.
my favorite shot.
my favorite inspiration.

we were in Downtown Nashville the other day beboppin' around and i kept saying "OH! go over there and just look gooooood." HA! Luckily for him, he doesnt have to work hard at that.

Man, i am going to have some good looking kids.
Take a look at this hottie, but dont drool.
He's taken.

which one is your favorite?


racheljenae said...

Ok so I totally didn't meant to leave you hanging about the puppy...sorry life has been crazy! I'm back in Dallas now, but after many checkups and a long recovery process the puppy was finally getting better. She had several major sicknesses hit her, but she has made a full recovery and my parents decided to sell her a full price $450. Sooo it all happened really fast over Christmas break and I doubted you wanted to spend that over the holidays if at all :) But... they are always having more if you are interested in the future. Did I give you my dad's website so you can talk to him directly? it's
And great pictures of your hubby by the way! i need to get me one of those :)

CrazyReader said...

I'm glad I found your blog again... I had it and guess went to something crazy scary with scary boys doing something crazy! My fave pic is the one with the shadows and trees... you know the one... :) Good pics, you rock Jenna!

Anita J. said...

It's between the first one and the second one. And maybe the pouty "Let me out of this photo prison" one.

How are you? I have missed reading your blog. Glad to be back.

John Newberry said...

I like the b&w one. I love shadows(in that aggravated voice).
and for the record, the security thing to post here reads "dingedd." Seriously?