Monday, January 5

I will resolute...

Things to remember from 2008. I:

*celebrated my one year wedding anniversary (June 2nd)

*ran a half marathon and i LOVED it

*changed jobs to something that i LOVE

*had my first trip to Las Vegas

*gambled...i love roulette.

*sold my first real painting

*took pictures for someone on PURPOSE (senior pics!)

*went to the doctor WAAAAY too much

*ate WAY to many sweets

*celebrated many engagements, marriages and babies with my loved ones

*cooked and cooked and cooked and cooked (and actually got kinda good)

*had my first outpatient surgery (NOT fun)

*didn't get near enough pedicures

*made two of the best friends and then they moved

*made more great friends and they moved

*changed churches

*blogged a LOT (or tried)

*let everyone in on my Kenny and Dolly Christmas Special love

*have house hunted, and hunted and hunted...

*asked for a dog more times than Matt ever wanted

*was never late to any appointment but almost always 5-10 minutes late to get to my office.

*made many a pumpkin delicacies

*made lots of new blogging friends

*made up with a long lost friend that i always wondered about

*followed the Olympics SO very closely

*followed the election SO very closely

*started taking vitamins everyday

*began a deep love for the game of golf

*cooked my first Christmas dinner for my family.

I will resolute in 2009 to:

*eat more fruit and veggies.

*grow more, know more, experience more of God than ever before.

*go on a cruise.

*be more self disciplined and self motivating

*see my long distance friends more

*answer my cell phone when it rings.

*check my voicemail more than once a week

*get my eyes checked

*go to the doctor less

*apply for grad school

*start my own business on the side

*send birthday and anniversary cards to my friends and family

*get a dog

*continue being on time to all of my appointments, but work harder to GET TO WORK at 8:15 when the day starts...(sheesh that is hard!)

*continue making blog-world friends and daily blog checks.

*paint more

*photograph more

*learn to sew (for real)

*read more

*see my mom more than once this year

*throw some parties

There are so many more, but this is the beginning of my 2009 looks like it will be a busy year.
Happy New Year!!

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Christie Otts said...

Made up with a long lost friend...that's me, right?!! I hope so!
Oh, and your goal for 2009 of going on a cruise...Chris and I go on our first cruise together in 3 weeks!!! Can't wait!