Friday, November 14

little lovelies **Updated**

a few things that i really love today:

**dinner with the LBD (Lunch Bunch Dinner Club. A group of friends that we used to all work together and now we dont. we all ate together everyday, butnow we get together for a dinner club. SO FUN!) Girls at a FAMOUS Nashville Resturant (AND having breakfast for dinner and watching Ansley eat BOTH pancakes and fried okra, but that is another story):

Presenting: the infamous "Loveless Cafe" (may not look like much, but famous mind you)

go look at it's website at:

many a famous person has walked thru those doors, and tonite was my first. (there was a perfect spot for my headshot in between Conway Twitty and Amy Grant, but unfortunatly, i left it in my car along with my special signing pen and it was raining, so...)
**another love: curling up on the couch with my cute hubby when it is rainy and gross outside (and let's face it, i will probably fall asleep...):

**painting and working on new projects (NEITHER of these are new projects mind you, but a preview of some artwork nonetheless):


(P.S. i have a new one that i am working on for my best friend Brittany that i will give you a sneak peak of this weekend. Be prepared to be constructive.)

**Saturdays of nothingness except looking at beautiful FALL-y things like these:

**half-day work days.

**Coffeemate Peppermint Mocha (i realize that i am obsessed with pumpkin ANYTHING, but i LOVE this stuff! it is totally comfort:

**Yoga stretches

**a chilly forecast:
Cloudy, rainy, and a low of 28 degrees. EEEEEK!
**talking sewing ideas with my mom
sleeeeeeeep.... :)


Anita J. said...

Blogging about Nashville sites is a great idea! LBD...Little Black Dress? Learning and Behavior Disabilities? Learn By Doing? Light Bulb Depot??? Please help.

Of course I love to see the art and the coffee mate. They are two things near and dear to my heart. :)

I didn't cuddle with Keith when it rained today. I fell asleep in the floor with my hands under me supporting my lower back. Yes. My hands went to sleep too. Nope. Not a fun thing to wake up to, but the rain was so nice.

the deKorne family said...

i am mad because i didnt drink the texarkana water and get talented like all of you. your stuff is so cute!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

I LOVE that top painting. Love it.