Friday, November 7

feelin' funky

Can i just make a very blanket, honest statement with you right now?

I feel like i am in a funk. I very needed in so many places, from non-serious to more serious to normal things, and this in turn has frustrated me and now i am feel as though i am in a funk.

there i said it. i put it out there.

and to tell you the truth, i dont know what else to say about it or what i really even need. Encouragement? yea, maybe.
A hug? always.
silence? Sure

I just am feeling rather funk-y today.


Anita J. said...

((((((Jenna)))))) A hug for funky Jenna. I hope you feel better. If you need an ear, I'm available on the email link on my blog.

ali blagg said...

i hate those days :(

but we have to have them every once in a while.

ill tell you something to cheer you up. yesterday i saw my massage therapist. she is like drop dead gorgeous and she has always reminded me of someone....and yesterday it hit me....IT WAS YOU. yall look just alike. anyway, that should make you feel better :)

Holly said...

Well, hon, I wish I'd read this before seeing you this morning, but if it makes you feel any better, you made my life infinitely happier just by sharing breakfast with me. I love you SO much (and your cute husband is growing on me :P). Thanks again.