Tuesday, November 4

did you? well, HUH?

Did you sleep in late and not go to work today?

Did you get free Starbucks? Duncan Donuts? Shane's Rib Shack? Ben & Jerry's?

Did you find other places that were giving free things away today?

Did you watch Gilmore Girls Season 1 today?

Did you feel dizzy at lunch and lay back down?

Did you keep a meeting even though you didnt feel awesome?

Did you leave me a comment?

And most importantly, did you vote??


Holly said...

I love you, you weirdo.

Emily said...

I did vote, early! I did hear on the radio where they were giving away free tattoo removal up to 16" if you had a "I voted" sticker. I was all over that!

Anita J. said...

I voted late! But I got 'er done, as they say. I can't believe there was free tattoo removal. I don't have a tattoo, but that's a good deal!

I didn't get anything free for voting. I did get a sticker and the right to go home and watch returns knowing I was one of those millions.