Friday, July 11

legend of the sinking chair

As I type, I am sitting at my desk "working" (don't judge me for a messy desk. it is busy season!) and I am sinking. I know what you might be thinking: "I am sinking because I have so much work to do. My life is so busy that I cannot keep up." No, No. This is the literal sense of the word.
Every day it is the same thing: I come in and sit down with my knees to my chest, and the first thing I do is raise my chair to the normal sitting position. As the day goes on, I slowly sink lower and lower to where all of a sudden, my knees are at my chest again.

The process of raising and sinking continues.

"How did I get here?" I ask both to myself and my office-mate, Debby. Although I have accused Debby time and time again of coming to my desk to lower it when I leave, I have first hand evidence that proves otherwise. I sink. Daily. Minute-ly.
So what is it? What is the symbolism you might ask with my chair sinking? Could it be that my chair is sinking and that relates to the fact that in life at times we are sinking second to second and sometimes we don't notice? OR could it be that a chair is like the little things in our life? While some things are lowered at times and aren't as important, other things are raised?

It is what it is.
A sinking chair.
And for now, on this Monday morning as I finish this posting from Friday I will resort to doing my work, hurrying to finish things for what is quickly becoming a fast paced week and I am sure I will continue to sink. Slowly and without notice until it is too late.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should investigate the wretched office mate more closely....I'm just sayings all....