Wednesday, July 2

...and a big tub of ice cream it will be.

do you remember that episode of FRIENDS where Monica and Rachel are talking to Chandler about Janice and their break up? Here is a taste:

Rachel: Okay, no, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Maybe it's not so bad. How did you leave it?
Chandler: She said she'd call me.
Rachel and Monica: Oh.
Chandler: Oh God.
Monica: Welcome to our side of the tunnel.
Chandler: This ice cream tastes like crap by the way.
Rachel: Yeah, well that's that low-cal, non-dairy, soy milk junk. We sort of... we save the real stuff for the truly terminal cases.
Monica: You know, when you start getting screwed over all the time, you gotta switch to low-fat.

well i am bummed. MAJORLY bummed. In fact, it feels like a break-up. So much so, that i think i need some ice cream (non-fat of course. TCBY anyone?)

We had our sweet little hearts set on purchasing our first home, we found one we liked with tons of potential and in the perfect area, our lease is ending in less than 30 days, and today we find out it won't happen, thru no matters of our own. There is a long list of whys that i wont bore you with, but all i will say is that I'm at the end-of-the-cone of disappointment. I am suffering a brain freeze from what i expected to happen.

It makes me think, do our expectations have anything to do with our outcomes? Did i "eat my least favorite flavor on purpose" with what i THOUGHT would happen, and write it off as "this is what always happens, so why wouldn't it this time?" Why am I not more of an optimist? Why would i EXPECT this to happen?

A song on the radio has me thinking today: "There is hope when our faith runs out. I'm in better hands now." Why don't we live like this more? Why do i take this as a personal hit and not just it is what it is and it just isn't the right time?

"I'm in better Hands now." Recite that to yourself when you feel you are loosing your nerve (and i am!). "I'm in better Hands now" means that i had to realize I shouldn't have been in control in the first place. "I'm in better Hands now" means protection and provision. "I'm in better Hands now" means that i AM in better


Lindsey said...

i like that... " I'm in better Hands now." so true. thanks jenna.

Holly said...

1. This is an awesome post, with awesome insight and awesome ice cream analogies. You are going to be fine. You and Matt will not be homeless. (And, if for some reason you ever are, my parents' house has an extra bedroom we're not using--goodness knows I crash here often enough when I'm unemployed :P.)

2. LOVE the site redesign. Good stuffs.

3. LOVE you as well, and saying a little prayer.

the deKorne family said...

Super cute site!! Thanks for leaving a comment great to hear from you :) I posted that same song when I flooded my house 4 days before we were supposed to close on it in February. Love it!! Hope you are doing well-looks like you are chirping along nicely! Thanks again for writing! :)

Brittany said...

Leave to my best friend to make analogy involving ice cream! Although it's tough and disappointing right now, I know there's a huge blessing coming your way. God is faithful and He recognizes your patience!