Wednesday, July 9

a few randoms

1) I am addicted to post-it notes. I use them for everything: reminders, doodling, decoration, encouragement, phone numbers, messages, adding, and gum-ridding... (I especially like the ones that come out of the dispenser. NIIIICE touch...

2) I have become REALLY forgetful. My brain is full i think.

3) I love taking pictures. I wish i could do it as a career.

4) I really would pack up my bags and move to Italy with my husband tomorrow if he said it was ok.

5) Ice Cream is my downfall.

6) i get many headaches. HATE hate it

7) I've always wanted to be more athletic and win at everything. not possible?

8) I love fixing things...taking things apart and putting them back together....and BUILDING things. I need a workshop

9) i always wonder if i missed my calling as a teacher. They have the best holidays. And although i dont really WANT to be a teacher, it could be awesome. But i love my job.

10) I change everyday on whether or not i am ready to have a kid. today i dont think i am ready, but yesterday I was ready. HA!

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