Monday, September 27

somethin from nothin, then buy the real deal...

is there, like, a creative new parent of the year award?
Why am i so proud of this moment?!

So, my boy is a BOY.
He eats grass.
Climbs on things.
Climbs IN things.
Burps and giggles at them.
Opens and closes things for days on ends.
Shuts his fingers in doors and doesnt budge.
Farts like his daddy.
He eats sand.
He eats anything.
constantly has brown feet from dirt.
Hits his own belly LITERALLY like Tarzan.
Gives the sweetest slobbery open mouthed kisses to Mama.
Drools and doesnt wipe it up.
And doesnt even care.
Only snuggles with Mama.
Squints at ridiculousness.
And now he pull on his stuff.

So, we have to be creative with the space that we have. It is small. Take heart, we are moving ASAP.
BUT for the time being, we have to be mindful.
SO when i was at Target yesterday, i saw a $4.98 collapsable laundry basket.
I will say, it is VERY difficult to get a decent picture of said new toy when your child is quicker than Speedy Gonzalez and your camera on your phone is slow as molasses after the most recent update. Just a side note.

A new toy.
We put it over him and he laughs and trys to get out.
We put his water bottle IN it and he crawls thru it.
We put it BY him and he rolls it around.
All in all: it's a good time.

I mean seriously. He likes to roll around in a laundry basket and an empty ginormous box of diapers. Toys don't have to break the bank people.

BUT, low and behold they sell these things! What a cool cool present from our dear friends Jason and Martina for Davis' birthday. Now he can tunnel all day long.What a blessing! He LOVES it!!
sold at ikea.
What are some of your creative toys or games?

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Martina said...

Aw, I got a mention on your blog! I'm glad he likes it! When you said he likes to crawl through things this was the first thing that came to my mind. Love you guys!