Thursday, September 30

Embrace the Camera- September 30

do you have pictures of yourself, with your little people?
many of us are always behind the lens...rather in front of it.
SOMEONE has to take those punkin pie pictures!

some of you feel much more comfy behind the lens, and i get that.
Do you think i want pictures of myself in the 'Saturday Shirt' for the 3rd day in a row? negative.
well, i don't really want those pictures...but my kids do---or, at least they will

one day.
how many of you LOVE looking at pictures of your parents, when they were young{er}?
i don't have a lot of pictures with me and my mom from when i was younger.
i am off to change this for my kids. I am on a MISSION.
i want them to have an abundance of remind them of these days that we spent together.
embrace the camera.

Isn't he so cute and full of fun? This was him cheering for the dog on the birthday card he just got. The kid LOVES dogs. AAAAND love to cheer for things. So sweet and encouraging my son.

here are the official rules:

1. take photo with you and your child or your spouse and child.

2. blog about it and include the button (found here) to embrace the camera
3. link up your post to mr. linky on this cutie patootie blog. She came up with this maaaaah-velous idea.
4. visit others and share the love.
P.S. What is with the wacky spacing on this blog? DUUUDE. It wouldnt let me do anything different. So i guess, embrace the flaws of blogger too? eh.


Nicole said...

I totally agree with you!! I have a ton of pics of Randy and Lennon because I'm always taking the pictures, but I'm trying to be in the picture more!! Cute pic!

Fawn Teresi said...

Great photo!!!!! So cute!

Holly Girl said...

I love mommy/baby pics! Hooray for this great photo!

Kristin said...

That is a GREAT picture. I chuckled (out loud) a little bit when I saw it. Thanks for sharing!

Leigh Tenhet said...

Davis looks like he is trying to do the darn cute!

Alicia said...

what a fun picture! so stink'n cute!

hill said...

such a sweet shot!

mjrodriguez said...

nice post! love the pic!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Oops, this is my first time linking up to Embrace and I don't think I read teh rules very closely. Definately next time, though.

I love his little hat. Cute shot!