Tuesday, September 21

i've become a terrible blogger

i honestly wish i had so much more time to blog but i am in the midst of my busiest month at work all year long.
Long hours.
Early hours.
BUSY hours.
I know, i know, you don't want to hear it!
Work is getting in the way of my life.
OVA it. :)
But lots of big things are happening these days!
1) Davis' first birthday is on THURSDAY!
(Cue Usher "o o oo o o o oo o o o oo oo Oh. My. Gosh.)
And his party is on Saturday.
Let's just say:
Carnival. Corn Dogs. Cake. Cuties. Ckisses.
(Go with it.)
WOO HOO!!!!!!
B) We bought a house and move-in in 3 weeks!
Still haven't started packing. OOPS.
III) It's pumpkin season!!!!
4) Davis took his first steps! My lil punkin pie...so big.
Cinco) ok, thats it. But still...big things
More to come! promise. ;)

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