Monday, July 4

Embrace the Camera- August 4- Bean-mudder

Up until about 3-4 months ago, we joked with my mom that she was (essentially) the no-name grandmother. She would send me lists of ideas she had for what she was thinking she might want to be called. they were all

dumb (oops!)

in my eyes and she refused to be called "Grandmother" or "Grandma" or "MeMe" or "GiGi" or anything common in the Grandparent naming world.

But for me, growing up, i always had a "Grandmother" and a "Mamaw." I am sad to say that my sweet boy never had the chance to meet Mamaw, but LOVE that Davis, on more than one occasion, has gotten to know MY Grandmother.
A few weeks ago, as my Grandmother was coming thru Nashville to move to Louisville, KY, they stopped for a night at the casa and all night long Davis kept bringing books to Grandmother and would sit next to her and go thru them ALL with her. As tired as she was from an exhausting 7 hour trip up to us, she enjoyed every moment, as did we all, of getting to see our lil munchkin "perform" all of his tricks, nuances and silly nature.

I love this picture.

He cant say "Grandmother" yet but it seems as he is falling in line with what i used to call my grandmother which is "Beanmudder."


so, are you ready to embrace the camera?
here's the low down (no doubt):

1. take a picture with you and your kids/spouse/family member/friend/whatever.

2. blog about that picture and include a link to this blog, or grab their button. (also found on their page)

3. link your blog post up on that same SUPA CUTE blog.

4. visit the other embracers...give each other lots of compliments about how much we are ROCKIN' it.

5. have fun!

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Caitlin said...

Beanmudder is so cute! We have a Gramma and a Nana. :)