Thursday, July 28

Dear Lord, where is my inner DIY? Please help me channel it. Amen

There are WAAAAAY too many things i am obsessed with right now for my house but i just can't figure out where or how to do them. I need to

channel my inner DIY
and just DO THEM.
This is where my self motivation needs to kick in. And the knowledge of HOW to do them. This is where #pinterest comes in and my love of this blessed site! I. need. help. I pin my loves every day.

What i want to DIY and what i am obsessed with right now:

don't you want this?!!


It is freaking cool and

i. WILL. make. this. one.

Maybe first project?

Bed tent?!

Not only would i love to do something SUPER swag like this in my boring bedroom but i am trying to figure out how to create a cool tent-like situation for Davis as we transition him to a big boy bed (tear!) and i have settled on the "Camp Out" theme for his room.

Colorful polka-tree with paper lanterns?

So dang cute!

The next kid i have will need to be a girl.

All of my FAVORITE


comes with a girl in mind.

Or MAYBE i just want to dress a girl in a tu-tu?!


And speaking of a girls room, who wouldn't love a birdcage light fixture?

This thing is so swank.

if i could ONLY figure out WHERE i want to put my chalkboard paint, i have so many things that i WANT to do with it.

Check out these fascinations:

and what a cool lamp shade cover idea:



Anyway- DIY it up. That's my new slogan.
What should it be first?

These are the rooms and things i need to work on:

Living Room- art work

Dining Room- art work and wall stuff

Master Bedroom- our room needs a makeover

Guest Bedroom- this room needs a makeover and will end up being a nursery for the next kiddo.

Davis' camp out room- in progress. Need a tent and other camp out ideas.

play room

office area

this makes me wanna take a nap.


Kimmy said...

Love all the ideas....especially the bird cage light fixture! LOVE IT!!

Fashionista said...

I LOVE all of these ideas!! I'm currently working on a DIY project with an old window. ;) So much fun, but so time-consuming! haha

The Anderson Family said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Good luck with your DIY projects. They are so much fun!