Thursday, October 7

Embrace the Camera- October 7

today, i feature E(mbrace)T(he)C(amera) - Hubs edition.
Look at these two adorable faces:

Davis Month 11 and 12 232
Davis Month 11 and 12 230
So happy to have this gem of a pic.
ok, now it's your turn!
here are the official rules:
1. take photo with you and your child or your spouse and child.
2. blog about it and include the button to embrace the camera (found on this link).
3. link up your post to mr. linky on THIS supa-cute blog.
4. visit others and share THA love.


Just SO said...

I love those baby and father shots. So sweet. And I love that the remote snuck it's way into the first shot as well ;)

hill said...

so adorable. love your blog. xoxo.