Thursday, October 14

Embrace the Camera- October 14th

Little Man and i had a blast playing outside on Saturday morning after breakfast. Now that he is walking/running, it brings a whole new element of fun. SOOOO: We did an impromptu now-walking/catching balls session that was
(in which i will post some too cute for words pics lata),
but i could not resist taking some pics to commemorate the Autumn maw-nin together.
Davis month 13 286

THANKFUL for photo-fun that allow the non-makeupness/no showered look/shiny forehead/pimple central so much more glam than it really is. You aren't looking at me anyway. He is 10 gazillion times cuter than me.

Davis month 13 287
this one is a fav:
Davis month 13 278
And little did you know but he is trying to eat a crunchy leaf that he is playing with in his hands. YUMMMM...
Good snack.
But this one is MOST fav:
Davis month 13 277
Davis month 13 276

here are the official rules:
1. take photo with you and your child or your spouse and child.
2. blog about it and include the button (found here) to embrace the camera
3.TODAY, the mastermind behind this idea is taking a BREAK but we are still embracing over here!
Let me know in my comment box that you are participating and i will update this blog with your name thru-out the day! WOOHOO
4. visit others and share the love.

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Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Goodness he looks like you! Too cute!