Tuesday, August 10

birthday party planning

i CANNOT believe that this time last year i was sweating like crazy (because it was freaking HOT!) and super white because i didn't want to go outside and I was praying that my little boy would come sooner rather than later because i wanted to meet him and kiss his sweet face. And i still had like a month and a half left. EEK!
We were making plans and arrangements in our small little living space to have a child, all the while not having a CLUE what we were doing. (do i know what i am doing now? uh, no...but still. at least i have experience.)

what started as this:
Is now this:

My sweet boy is getting so big! (and heavy!)

A lady asked me the other day as we were talking about birthday party's for a 1 year old and i was saying "What should i dooooo?" She said "Well, what does he like to do?"

uhhhh, put things in his mouth?

Drool on things?

pull things down?

throw things on the ground?



Sounds like a reeeeally fun party. Can't wait to come to that.


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Kimmy said...

Awwww....for our daughter's first birthday, we just kept it simple. Had a bunch of family and friends over. I believe we had a jumpy also.

Happy Birthday to your beautiful little boy!!