Friday, May 28

freaking Cherry Dr. Pepper

So, last summer i was pregnant, right? It was hot. Literally. The temperature outside was stupid. The bottom of my feet would sweat. Ew. I was big. Duh. That is what happens. And i was not tan b/c of the latter. NOT cute.

What was hot was the new Cherry Dr Pepper situation they created. It stinkin' rocks and is sooo fizzy and full of awesomeness. It was like the best thing to summer and to growing a baby. Next to corn-dogs, dreamsicles, watermelon, lunchtime naps and any carb...

Anyhoo, so i love it and now that i am post baby, i limit myself to only one soft drink a week. I mean, YES they are empty calories like i have ever cared before, but they taste so good, and truly there is nothing like a fountain DP on Sundays. (don't ask me why, but it is like a must to post-church activities.) And a Cherry one? HOLY MOSES. Dr Pepper has finally done it. Found the way to my heart... (weird comment? yes...)

You get it? I LOVE it. Like a ridiculous amount. Cherry Dr Pepper freaking ROCKS. God Bless the doctor in Waco, TX that had a horse named Pepper and somehow contrived a tasty beverage out of that combination. (Again, weird? yes...)

That is how i feel about my husband. See what i did right there? I just think he is, like, awesome. How lucky am I that he saw my quirkiness and weirdness like 4 years ago and thought (deep, sexy man voice) "Hey, i would like to see how that quirkiness plays out for, say, the rest of our lives." Cool.

So as our anniversary QUICKLY approaches, (June 2. i said quick!) i am incredibly grateful. Here is where you come in...ready? Get ready to comment your little heart out. How do you tell that to your mate that?

"Thanks for choosing me when i am weird, stubborn, loud, needy, sometimes pimply but too old for that and hormonal, terrible at laundry and don't cook that much (the heart is willing but the flesh is weak!) and always sleepy! You rock! You knew some of that and decided to marry me anyway! Wow. I super-duper love you Matt!"
Seriously...I am one lucky chica.
Plus he is cute and we make adorable babies.
And why wouldnt we? We can rock some snorkel gear...

HELP Me. Get those creative juices going...

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M. Louise Cunningham said...

I think what you wrote is super sweet! How could he not love you for that??? :)